glove choice


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any comments on this for a glove possibility?



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Hmm... depends on how nitpicky you want to be. ;)

Obviously, you'll need to paint them with some leather paint. My only other concern would be if they are long enough to stay securely under the gauntlets, without constantly slipping out. Otherwise, yep, they'll work.

Now, if you want to get nit-picky - the stitch lines in the middle of the hand aren't correct. And the two stitch lines along the index finger are missing... There are seams along the sides which aren't canon either...

But again, 99% of anyone out there won't ever look at stuff like that. So if you think they'll do the job, and you can get them the color you want - I'd say go for it. You can always upgrade later if you decide to!


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its just that gloves are a real pain to make...i made some once for my vader and it wasnt fun...ended up getting some elsewhere:lol:

i was wondering about the lenght staying under the gauntlets as im going out on a limb here...cause i did check the threads, but did anyone ever come up with a good substitute recently that wasnt discussed in 2003???


I've got just a strip of cotton sewn onto the wrists of my gloves to hold them under the gauntlets, and you can't see it at all so that's definitely a viable option.


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I needed my TDH fix! I had to drive to DC and back today for work!

Would any of that center seam even show - with the hand guard being there?

I can't sew at all, so I am a little biased about making my own soft parts. I would say those would work fine, but like MaulMaus said, they won't be 100% canon.


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The linked ones look a little nicer to me too! If you do sew another strip on, to secure them under the gauntlet, they should do nicely!

No, nothing more ever came up on the glove run someone was going to do :( That would have been nice.

I may end up doing something like that myself! :lol: I ended up making my own pattern and I have my gloves cut out of leather, awaiting time to dye them.... then sewing them up *sighs* My mock-ups came out pretty good, but I have to agree, sewing gloves are a royal pain in the you-know-what! :D


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Would it be better to buy longer length gloves? I'd love to see a picture of the people who say they've sewn on extra pieces to get a better idea of what will make my costume work.

Guess has a pair of purple long length gloves on sale, not sure if they're the right style though.