Zam Gloves-- How different are they from Jango's?



Some of you may know that I'm working on a custom set of replica Jango Fett gloves. I'm hoping to get them at least 99% accurate.

Now I've done absolutely ZERO research on Zam's gloves, and only glanced at a few pictures. I have no idea how similar Zam's gloves are to Jango's.

However-- if you want to use the same design, I can see about getting some of the Jango design gloves dyed purple to match Zam's gloves. They may not be 100% accurate, but would they be better than what you are currently using? I have no idea.

If enough people are interested, I'll see about trying to get some of the Jango gloves dyed purple. If Zam's gloves are a completely different design, I can see about getting a run made, but I need to sell at least 25-30 pairs. Is there enough interest for either option? Just post here and let me know.

Depending on price, I'm definately interested. I'm no Zam expert, but I think a purple version of Jango's gloves would work for my wife's outfit. :)
Not being an expert on Jango gloves... ;) BTW the link to that thread is:

From the pics in the AOTC Visual Dictionary - Jango's gloves look more stretchy and tighter fitting than Zam's. Her's look like oversized leather work gloves IMHO.

Would it be possible to get un-dyed gloves? (I'm dyeing everything else anyway - another pair of gloves won't make a bit of difference!) If not... what color purple are we talking about? Are you makeing one "standard" size or will there be a variety of sizes? Do you have any pics of a proto-type? How soon were you thinking of doing this run?

Thanks for the offer in any case! :D


Edit: Okay... finally got through that whole thread! ;) From what I saw on there of pics of Jango's gloves - they look exactly the same as Zam's - in regards to the stiching and overall look. Also - Zam's gloves also appear to be a little "stuffed" on the top of the hand. So I'd say we have a "match." :D
Would it be possible to get un-dyed gloves?
I don't know yet-- I will see if it's possible.

what color purple are we talking about?
I will do my best to get it the same color as Zam's from the movie

Are you makeing one "standard" size or will there be a variety of sizes?
I will have sizes S-XL, and larger if necessary available

Do you have any pics of a proto-type?
No, not yet. I'll post pics just as soon as I have them

How soon were you thinking of doing this run?
Pictures and patterns have been sent to my supplier as of this morning. If things go well, 8-12 weeks turn-around time

Edit: Okay... finally got through that whole thread! From what I saw on there of pics of Jango's gloves - they look exactly the same as Zam's - in regards to the stiching and overall look. Also - Zam's gloves also appear to be a little "stuffed" on the top of the hand. So I'd say we have a "match."

If everyone else agrees that Zam's are the same as Jango's, then I will see about getting some "un-dyed" gloves sent to me, or even having some dyed to match the color of Zam's with this same run. I'll see what I can work out. keep an eye on the thread linked in the post above if you are interested.

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Regarding the color: I think the consensus (based on DCB's MOM pics) was that the gloves were grey and painted/dyed purple.

What we could also do... is have them dyed light grey then we could paint them the color we want. That might actually be the best way to go....

Other opinions????
I definitely like the idea. I was going to ask you about this anyway ;)
Well, I can't upload pics right now cause someone deleted my photo program .grrr!!

Anyway, the stitching is different. They are gray painted purple and they go further up the arm under the gauntlets.

DCB would have more info! :)

I'll try to get some pics up from my other pc if someone doesn't beat me to it.
I don't mind doing them, but if they are an entirely new design, I'm going to have to sell at least 25-30 pairs to get started. I'm more than happy to make them available, but are there really that many people interested?
Yup yup .. here's a pic of her glove, and yeah, the length of the glove towards the wrist was extended so that the gauntlets wouldn't push the gloves off of her hand. I find it annoying when I am in costume trying to put my stuff on and the cuff of my glove pops out of my gauntlets...

so you don't have to constantly go page hopping...
Maybe if the glove is exactly the same, except a longer cuff-- it won't be that much more difficult to make, or alter a few pairs with a longer cuff.

How many would want the same Jango glove, but made with a longer cuff? Would you still want it if it wasn't dyed?
Unfortunately, I don't think they are totally the same, just cause guys fingers are different. Jango seems to have the guy-like stubby finger type of thing going and hers are a little more slender. Plus, there is two more stitches running from her pointer finger to the base of her gloves. But maybe the modifications wouldn't be too drastic. Cause noone has taken on the gloves task, and I am sure most of us would prolly get a pair. How much would you charge per person if you did a run of 25?
The gloves I have made are unisex, and I use standard sizes. Most women have been happy with the way the smalls & mediums have fit.

But, it's up to you ladies! If you want to use the Jango glove un-dyed, or dyed purple-- just let me know, otherwise I'll just stick to the Jango gloves as they are.

Unless of coarse there are enough of you ladies who want to have your own run of Zam gloves made, in which case I can use a more "lady specific" pattern rather than the unisex patterns that I normally use, and have them dyed gray or purple, your choice. Chime in and let me konw! :D
I opt for a run of 25 with more of a ladies size, and slightly different pattern than jango's. I think everyone has Dustin Crops Boy's reference pics. You can get the hi-rez ones from him at You can see how the stitching is slightly different. I think we all have to come to a consensus about the color problem first. I think by reading the Jango thread, we can surmise coloring would be a problem. Mebbe a very very light gray glove, unsealed, so that we can airbrush purp dye on it before we seal it ourselves? That's what I would go for. Then again, you probably have more dyeing experience than most of us? So, if you could dye it light light gray and airbrush a very very slight layer of light purp, then seal it, heck we'd be a happy heap of zam jumping beans. Oh and what type of dye do you use anyway? I have been using the regular alcohol type.
I really haven't dyed that much leather, really. Rarely do I get a need for anything different than black or brown which can be bought pre-dyed in those colors. My supplier has access to a "drum-dyeing" machine though for dyeing large pieces of leather, which I assume 1 large piece would go in, get dyed, and then several pairs cut from that one piece.

In order for a custom run of gloves like the ones you are talking about, I need 25-30 pairs pre-sold. I know you would prefer your own custom run to the spec's you've listed above and as long as I can get that many interested in a pair, I'm happy to do a run. If I can't get that many pre-sold, it's not going to be worth the set-up time for my supplier.
I still think the Jango gloves are pretty darn close - no not perfect - but a lot closer than anything I've been able to come up with! I don't think there would be enough customers to make a separate Zam Glove run... and the Jango gloves are close enough IMHO.

I'm definately interested in getting a pair or two (depending on price) - no matter what!

Do you need 25 pairs for each "type" (i.e. color run) to have it work? Or just 25 pairs total....

My vote is for the light gray gloves - (unsealed would be perfect!) Then we can finish up with the lavender and sealing them ourselves. :)
I agree-- I don't think there will be enough people interested in the 'exact' copies of the Zam gloves to warrant a seperate run for those. (But please-- continue to post here if you are interested, if enough people speak up, it might get done!)

I will ask my supplier if he can set aside a few pairs (however many of you request them) to be dyed light gray and left unsealed, or at the very least-- completely undyed for whoever speaks up.

I will be taking names for firm committments in a few weeks as soon as I have a time frame, prices, etc. Keep an eye on this thread and the Jango thread both for details in a few weeks.

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