Glad to be here


New Hunter
Hi Guys !!!

My name is Ken, from Bakersfield CA. I am a long time SW fan, finally solo and out of family responsibilities
Now looking to get into some Fett costumes and trying to build a Mando suit. Any tips or good sights would be awesome
Trying to find a good flight suit

I hope I can get some guidance from you guys here

Welcome! I've not done a Mando but I know there's a ton of reference stuff out here. I'd recommend finding a build thread that includes a parts list and start from there.
Welcome Ken for soft parts including flightsuit I’d recommend Arkady, though I’ve never owned one , lots of guys do and all seem very satisfied. Another option is Bobamaker which I have owned and his stuff is also very good . Wait times may be an issue so reach out to these vendors to see what it is. Best of luck in your hunt.
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