Giving away some armor...


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Su'cuy ner Mando'ade! I have a set of sintra armor plates Im giving away.


I dont know who out there is interested, they arent Boba Maker quality stuff but I know one of you could use these. They have a hammered silver base coat and are carved with various damage. Im also including some black tailored pads to add to whatever vest for more stable mounting platform for the plates. I dont know any of you personaly so I want to make this kinda fun to see who gets them.
For anyone interested, heres the deal. Come up with the be best way you can think of to go about tackling my proposed scenario, The one that I think is the best gets them, that simple. I figured you guys like Mandos so much might as well think like one for a bit. All I ask is that you pay for the shipping and they are yours.


A squad of your fellow Mando'ade are pinned down inside the south east corner of a rectangular 2 story bunker by 2 companies of Antarian Ranger infantry. One company in the North east side, half of the second outside the building the other half securing the roof. You recruit a squad of 7 Mandos, their specialties up to you as well as their kit, to go in and get them out. You have one light armored drop ship. How do you go about it?

This should be fun for those interested with an imagination. Its not a detailed scenario so it leaves alot of room for creativity. Ill be busy with school so Ill let you know who Ill send them to after Ive read on friday. Have fun with it.

Since it’s a bunker I assume there’s no windows, a front and back door, and access from the roof since the enemies covering it. So I’d assign my best pilot to take the drop ship along with two (maybe three) of the best snipers. The drop ship would provide an aerial vantage point for the snipers to take out the guys on the roof, without getting shot at too badly. For the guys outside I’d have two of my best grenadiers laying down a barrage of frags to clear the perimeter. Then after the baddies outside are dead, I would do either of the following depending on the real time situation
(1) (no southern door) I would personally lead the remaining two (or three) mando’s in through the north entrance by breaching and clearing the room(s), either manually or with grenades, depending on where the pinned down mando’s were. After clearing I’d call in the grenadiers from outside to take care of/replace any wounded mando’s. The drop ship would be on patrol duty outside to make sure no new baddies showed up. Then my team would make there way to the hostages, secure them and extract via drop ship.
(north and south have a door) Second scenario: the pinned down mando’s are at the back (southern) door but can’t get out because of the enemy troops outside. I’d clear the roof via the drop ship like last time, then take out all enemies on the southern side via snipers, then do a stealthy breach in through the southern door get my people, extract them. Then plant a proton charge to take care of the enemies at the northern end of the building. After we’re all safely into the drop ship and on our way I would detonate the charges and watch the fireworks.

I'm bored... and free armor's free armor right? :lol:
Yeah its the same. Its been sitting in the corner for a few months. I figured someone could use it. I know how expensive this stuff can get and lots of guys/gals dont have the funds. Its not the greatest but someone could make it work, and its free. Thats a good price right? I just thought this would be a fun way to give it away.
Thats going to be a tough one to follow guys. Andromalious, it looks like youre in the lead. I like the use of the aerial platform.
"Squad Six, here is the sitrep." The seven commandos made no sound, their faces impenatrable behind their carbon black visors.

Kan Vellan, their Commander faced them, the mission area map on the screen.

"Decc's squad has gotten backdoored by 2 companies of Antarian Rangers. Yeah, the modok bastiches came in under cover of Nisstarik Mist grenades. They eliminated Squads Sixten, Novak and Bello. To say that Intel missed the mark again, is a massive understatement."

Sharek Rep, Vellan's 2nd in command spoke up:
"Sir, we can be are prepped for a quick explosive entry rapidly. If a stealth slice and dice op is required, it may take longer to retrofit gear."

Vellan didn't reply at once. He stared at his helmet's HUD, analyzing the incoming data.

"Squad Six's situation has grown more dire. The Antarians have brought up a Devorian Six-pak. The building will be reduced to rubble and our comrades to puddles if we give them time to charge it up."

The seven Mandalorians tensed as one, fingers flexed on sidearm weapontry, anxious to move.

"Sharek, I need six ready for explosive action. You'll bring them in hard and fast. I'll take three and and come in from the side, slicing our way to their artillery..."

...more later...
I'm sending a PM with my idea of the image of point in making it easy for competition, eh?

I really want this stuff.

Also, are the prisoners on the 1st or 2nd floor?
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This is fun! Wot a great idea! I was lookin' to get some armor for my 16 yr old, to do a Jango, thought this would be a good and fun place to start!
Well, BH, I think you may beat me, as this is all I have:

I recruit:
1 demo. specialists,
3 snipers,
1 negotiator
2 spec. ops soldiers.

I would:
go in under the cover of night with a EMP to scramble all of their equipment
Order the dropship to wait a mile away for my signal.
Station a sniper in a position where each has a view of 2 sides of the bunker.
Have the negotiator slowly approach the main entrance while me and the others go behind.

Now, aside from the orders already given, I’d play it by ear:
While the guys outside went to see what the negotiator wanted, the demo would make us an entrance with a silent explosive. We’d sneak through to see where the interior guards are stationed, the spec. ops guys would take them out with mechanical precision and we’d continue on our way to the SE corner. When we came across the stairs, I told the demo and one spec op to check the lower level while me and the other spec op would secure the upper floor.
After 30 minutes, I found the other mandalorians. After signaling the rest of the team, we made our exit, to find that the negotiator had been shot in the face. It turns out that our visors can’t take a hit very well.

Anywho, we escaped (barely) with our lives. I kinda forgot about the guys on the roof, so we got peppered on our way out.

I also have a pic of the bunker, but I forgot that it's a 2-story one.
I can't really write if I'm given restrictions on it (a squad of only Mandos), unless I'm allowed to recruit Boba, Jodo, Jaster, and Jango. (hint, hint)

I'm really desperate for sintra armor, too. (puts on most pitiful face):cry
.... with the dawn comming quickly and no radio communication's with in the last
two days Tango five was becomming worried that thier last transmissions didnt
make it threw. Turning to his only able body man left and whisppering a few
words the sentry nodded and ran from the room. Looking down at two dead and
3 wounded men his thoughts flew back to the begging of this whole mess...

(Two Days Before)

"Matdengo get up here now! we need heavy fire support!" he shouted as rounds
whizzed by his head making him duck and cover quickly. As he turned looking
for a response he saw Matdengo laying in a pile of blood and two other men carrying
off anther man badly wounded. "Jac' Lek send a transmission now!. Final attempt at
securing bunker failed. Men falling fast but about to breach outter doors. End
Feeling something hitting his collar bone and knocking him down, Va Rok Sien,
grabbed his FW5G and returned fire in the direction the round came from, but noticed
no action was taken. "what the hell?" he thought." looking down he noticed the small
trickle of blood that was now turning into a stead down pour of blood staining his
suit. "Medic!" and the sky went to a fazed blackness and then nothing....

Awaking to the sound of a stim-pak henoticed that the Medic who was treating him
was not Mandolorian. Trying to get up he noticed that he had been strapped
to a bed. Looking up at the man was a Antarian Ranger Medic, covered in blood
and bandaged himself. "who the hell.." A fist dug hard into his cheek. "Im not who you
think I am." " Im with you .. you sent me here four mounths ago as a infiltratior,
remeber?" Openning his eyes a little wider Tango Five did recognize the man.. it was his
brother Zal Dek. What happened?
We broke threw right as you were hit. The men inside didnt have a chance. Jac' Lek took
out the first six men before getting hit and managed to fall down on the track run for the
doors. His last action and a warrior, was to keep the doors open. After that we captured
the bunker and found nothing here other than a few containers of spice and a old man claiming
to be a jedi." "he wound up being a old man who knew nothing but false hoods and trickery."
We sent him out as a decoy .. he didnt last long againt the others."

"what! that old man you were talking about was the man we were looking for!" " He's not a
jedi, but he knows were to find the one." "let me Loose, NOW!"

The next two days went by as a blur. A few men on each side dying and running communications
back and forth on the comstats. And then it happened. The sound of a Troop Transprt hitting
the roof after a hail of thermal rounds pounded the bunker. the doors sealed shut, and the
lights inside started to go dark.

"Tango Five. Tango Five. Send one man to the gunner window on south west wall with a Mando
Flare. Fire one flare green to identify. Over." Tango Five didnt hesitate. Jek you heard him
do it now." Following orders Jek did so. "Tango Five Inbound on your location in three..

With a thundering crack and a blinding glow the north east side of the bunker lite up. Screams
were heard and the sound of a fearce fire fight ensued. People outside the bunker yelling
something. then the sound of heavy gun fire, thermal explosions and a small crack unnoticed
except by Tango Five were heard.

getting up Tango Five looked out the Gunners window. He noticed two men running criss cross
the perimiter. He knew these men. Jedzen Blak and Drezden Younger, both from the Mando Wars.
They were unsung men who fought threw hell and back for him. One losing a arm the other lossing
everything. "Jadzen, whats happening?! Whos with you?" Radio silence was all that was heard.

Seven hours earlier.....

Jadzen watched thre his minoculars as dozens of men stormed the roof and the outter walls of
the bunker. "Alpha one ready." came in threw the ear bud. "Alpha two ready." and down to Alpha Six.
At the moment Jedzen Fire a shot the sent a Captian realling forward and stopping his heart before
he knew what hit him. The man beside him turned.. he too fell. Alpha Two commed in . "Go. GO. GO."
As that order went threw the ear buds seven shots hit sergeants and officers alike. Spinning
the Antarian Ranger COmpanys into chaos. Small explosions hit the roof and northeast corner of the
bunker like presission snippers hit one shot one kill targets.

Antarian Ranger LT. Dango looked around to find out were the shots came from taking one in the
face visor. ....

The rest is in another Chapter...
( tacticle operations next , the way id run the assault and retrievle of corpses)
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First off, I'd curse that squad for getting themselves pinned down in the first place, especially without an exit strategy. What the frak was their CO thinking? It's pretty obvious at this point that they're not going to last much longer, so I'm going to forgo subtle tactics. My squad would consist of two snipers, two heavy weapons experts, two demoltion men (having pairs of experts ensures that if one is taken out, the plan can still be executed), a pilot, and myself. While flying toward ground zero from the south, I'd have my demo experts fire off a couple long-range mortars or rockets off the north side of the bunker as a distraction, hopefully taking out some of the Antarians there. Upon closer approach, I'd drop a path of remote detonators on the ground, a-la the Clone Wars ARC troopers, ensuring an open exit route. Taking advantage of the distraction caused by the explosions on the north side, I would then have my snipers begin taking out the squad of Antarians on the roof, with support fire from my heavy weapons duo, and cover fire from myself on the ship's light guns. My team of demolitions experts would simultaneously create a new door in the south west corner of the building (assuming there isn't one there already). At this point, the resistance on the roof should be minimal to nil, and my snipers would be watching for the approach of the Antarian squad from the north as they would now most likely attempt to flank from both the east and west sides of the bunker. My pilot would maintain a sweeping pattern, laying down suppressive fire, while I and my remaining heavy weapons and demo experts dropped to enter the bunker through it's new back door. Hopefully, the trapped squad of Mandos has had the good sense by now to move toward the south exit. If not, I'd send in some grenades and a rocket toward the northern interior to scatter the Antarians inside and cover our escape, laying down heavy weapons fire obscured by a smoke screen. Once the trapped Mando squad was out, we'd all be hoisted back into the ship by repel lines as my snipers continued their work. As we pulled out, the proximity mines left at the exit point should take out any Antarians who managed to come through or around the bunker, and as we flew off, I'd detonate the explosives we earlier left on the ground, ensuring us a straight and safe path out. Mission accomplished.
dont get me wrong guys, Im really enjoying the story style here and am very curious to see how they end, It may save you, but Dak Jerek is in the lead right now with that plan. The use of indirect mortar/arty, precision fires, squad and mission planning has been the most sound, considering the situation and the speed of execution. Im a sniper so Im kind of a detail buff. Good plans, but I like this one the best so far. I love the creativity going on. I have to get to Mass Com now. Catch you guys later.
Oh yeah. If you want the armor, you have to post your stuff for everyone to read so its a fun thing for everyone. Dont PM me stuff cause Im just going to pretend I dont see it. Share vode.
Ive read these entries again and I have to say that some of these can really blow up into some action packed fan fics. I really like some of the Mando names too, very "Star Warsy" sounding. I can see it going on. Its interesting to see the different writing styles too. I wish I had stuff to give all of you. Keep it up.
Ugh, I have a story already, the problem is I would be here all day writing it and plus im too busy with school projects.....

(Who loves to write creative stories but for some reason schools prefer us to explain things...)
A squad of your fellow Mando'ade are pinned down inside the south east corner of a rectangular 2 story bunker by 2 companies of Antarian Ranger infantry. One company in the North east side, half of the second outside the building the other half securing the roof. You recruit a squad of 7 Mandos, their specialties up to you as well as their kit, to go in and get them out. You have one light armored drop ship. How do you go about it?

I would like to state that I have not read any other responses in an effort to be fair.

I assume the drop ship is the CR20 Troop Carrier.

Mandalorians Recruited:
1.) Heavy Weapons Specialist
2.) Sniper
3.) Heavy Gunner
4.) Communications Specialist
5.) Demolitions Specialist
6.) Commando
7.) Pilot

First, I'd set the Troop Carrier some distance away, leaving the pilot at the controls. We may need him later. When the squad is within range, Communications will establish a link with our pinned-down bretheren over a secure channel in an effort to boost morale. They will be updated regularly. Through this, their position is determined, and the squad will shift position to compensate. Sniper will take position within the branches of a tree, Heavy Weapons nearby, both keeping an eye on the Antarians on the ground and roof. They are in constant contact with the squad, updating them on any significant movement made. Since we are heavily outnumbered, stealth is required; we'd approach the southwest corner of the building, our Commando inserting a strain of the Candorian Plague(fast acting, extremely contagious airborne plague) into the ventilation shafts. As the Mandalorian helmets filter out any known diseases, they will remain safe. The Antarian Rangers, however, do not sport helmets; rather, their faces are exposed. Communications relays this to the pinned Mandos, then instructs Sniper and Heavy Weapons to reign down a suppressive fire on the Antarians that are on the ground. This serves as a distraction for those who are outside. The attack from the outside serves to confuse the interior Antarians, causing them to halt their attack on the Mandalorians. It is at this point that Communications instructs those who are pinned down to press their attack; Demolitions would blow a hole in the North-Eastern wall using proton charges, the squad coming in behind and to the right of the Antarians to put them in a deadly crossfire. Heavy Gunner would lay down major fire with the minigun in his posession, Commando pouring his own into the group using a BlasTech A-280 blaster rifle. Communications holds back outside, still linking the squads together. By this time, the Candorian Plague has taken effect, dropping the Antarians quickly. That, combined with surprise and inescapable crossfire, would finish off the company inside. Communications contacts Pilot, and instructs him to bring the transport to their location.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the building, Heavy Weapons and Sniper have been distracting the second company, picking them off. After each shot, they move to a different location to avoid detection. Once the Mandalorians are clear of the building, Heavy Weapons begins unloading the explosive artillery; grenades, as well as the shoulder-mounted proton torpedo launcher. As the Mandalorians retreat from the building, Demolitions hurls a few charges into the second-story window. The charges detonate, collapsing part of the roof. The transport, moving at full speed, arrives by this time, unleashing its twin turbolasers on the entire structure and the surrounding Antarians. Any survivors are picked off by the both squads of Mandalorians, who have moved all moved into positions surrounding the now-destroyed building (at a distance, of course, to avoid the backlash of turbolaser fire). Once the carrier is done, the Mandalorians manually inspect the remains, ensuring that their every one of their foes have been eliminated. As soon as that's finished, they load themselves into the transport, and head back to base for repairs.
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