Girth\'s by E2K13



Girth's by E2K13

I received mine today...

It was exactly as ordered. The color is perfect and the fit is great. Nice belts and buckles. I will take some pictures soon and post.

Again, thanks alot.

Thank you for the kind words! I am happy you like it.

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hey, eddie, you got a PM. yea, i got mine today as well, and man, i am just blown away!!! it is awesome!! its worth every penny!!!! thanks eddie!!
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Your welcome
I am glad you liked it.
I think I will continue to do a 3rd run if there is still interest.

Thanks again for the appreciation.
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Ok, I have to get on this too. I got mine yesterday. It looks fantastic. My daughter even said all we need now is a horse. She has so much to learn. Thanks Eddie!
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That would be funny! Just decking a horse out in Boba Wear!
Glad that you like it.
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