GFK Helmet copy ... .. need Help


New Hunter
I am the new user (y)
at first ...sorry for my bad english i'm from german.
i need Help, i search for a construction manual
to make GFK copy off a helmet.
Have some one a info link with pics or can give the straight tip.

thanking you in anticipation for help :cheers
You want to make a form from a helmet and then copy it in fiberglass? Hmmm that might not be a good idea. Depending on Who's helmet it is, and what your going to do with it.
Agreed, If your talking about casting something you have sculpted yourself then thats ok, but making copies of anyone elses work is not a good idea at all..
I have a damage Fett Helmet from junk market and i want make a stabile 1:1 Fiberglass Copy. Its real pity when my helmet coplete molders :(
What type of helmet is this? IS it a plastic version from Don Post or Rubies? IF so Casting it in glass is fine, but those helmets are far......... from 1:1 scale. You are better off buying one from a skilled artisan here than to venture into something that deep just to get a helmet.
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