Get rid of smell in DP 95


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So I bought a DP 95 white interior on ebay. It looks really good, good shape and everything, but... The smell is just horrible! I washed it a few times now with Dawn Dishwashing soap and the smell has died down a bit from when it first arrived but it is still lingering on and around the helmet. It smells a bit like aging vinyl which it probably is. Does anyone have any ideas on how to completely get rid of this smell? Maybe I could coat the inside with something lemon scented? Any help would be appreciated.
Here's some pics of the helmet
Wow! That's one of the nicest Don Post buckets I've seen! Great score!

I wish I could help you with getting rid of the smell but I have no ideas. Stick an air freshener in it? :lol:

I would think that if you used some sort of cleaner it would just end up smelling like the cleaner instead of the vinyl smell.
Ok, take you helmet, and get a paper bad, throw some ARM and HAMER in the bag, and then open the small box of A&H, set in the sack, where when you put the helmet in the bag, the helmet will be a "shell" over the box of A&H. (You may also add 2 pr 3 newspaper pages for extra absortion.)C lose the bag and leave set for 3 or so days, the smell will be gone, should be anyway.
Jun Garros Fett said:
Not sure if it will work. Try some of that fabreeze stuff. (spelling)..
Just a suggestion..

Totally agree with the fabreeze suggestion (y) my 95 also smelt a little strange (must be something to do with the age) and it work with mine.
So I've been PM'ed by a fellow board member saying that when he visited my photo album and webshots tried to install a trojan virus on his computer. I highly doubt that is the case, but just to be safe, be sure to use a real web browser such as Firefox :) If you're on a Mac or Linux box, please disregard this post ;)
Anyways about my helmet, I have it sitting with some baking soda now. I plan to leave it that way for a couple days. I can smell it less now, but that's probably just because I'm coming down with a cold. At least I don't have to smell it anymore(y)
Here's how I got the smell out of mine. I febreezed it. A lot. When it was dry, i hit the inside with a clear gloss. Locked the febreeze smell in. No more stinky fett.
hansoloway: Oh yeah, I'm sure that's much better ;)

BobaN00b: That's a great idea! I'm going to head to the store to get some febreeze later today.
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