General Weathering Techniques....Let's compile them.



I know there are at least a half dozen threads, discussing how people weathered their buckets, but I thought it would be interesting to get as many good ideas as possible in ONE thread. Like a list. I just finished my Mystery Helmet, and a few came up that I've never done before, and I realized there may be many more.

Here goes:

1) Painting lighter base colors (light green, then dark green), then sanding through to the lighter color.
2) Painting layers over each other while BOTH still tacky, then SCRAPING (I used a piece of resin) through to the second , and even first layer. This works awesome with the dome areas, exposing the sage green.
3) Rubbing candle wax, with an old candle, before painting layers. Then scraping or lightly sanding.
4) Using masking tape, wrapped around your hand, to pull off paint. It works great if you roll it like a tank tread, real fast.
5) Dry/damp-brushing, then immediately smudging while still tacky.
6) wet-sanding, or even sanding while still tacky. This blends the layers a little.
7) Applying topical silver into scrapes, then immediately sanding to blend it.
8 ) Using acetone or thinner to swipe at areas.

Any more?
9) Weathering with diff. color pastel chalks. Brown, black, red, orange, earth colors. With paper towels, q-tips, your fingers. One of the least known methods out there but really effective and easy.
10) use a liquid mask to make your damage over a silver base coat

11) dry brushing technique by taking and dipping your brush into the paint bottle and wipe most of it off and rubbing the brush on to piece to hit the high spot to get contrastin colors. You can use a lightend shadeof the base color or silver, what ever.

12) Make a black wash or darkend wash of your base color, by takimg and mixing a few drops of blank paint with water.

13) Paint asrmor using the misting technique. Spray your base color and then follow with mistings of lighter or darker shades of your base color. The technique gives a nice worn faded mottled look.

14) mist black paint on piece to darken it.
Chain your rubies helmet to the back of your truck and drag it down 30 miles of dirt road.

Gives it that 'country' feel.

My fav:

The mustard meathod. Painting a silver base coat then applying mustard like liquid mask, paint over it then scrape off the mustard once the paint is dry. I love this meathod.
Yes, once it dries it may have a bit too much of a shine to it, so you scrub it with the pad to remove the shine. Also, if paint is layered and looks lumpy it can be smoothed out.
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