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Can someone help me. I need to get hold of various bits of armour, helmets, gauntlets etc. can you steer me in the right direction of a good supplier. Its for Halloween. some friends and i want to do the starwars thing. The reason i ask is that i dont want to end up with a pile of rubbish. I've heard some horror stories of gauntlets melting when painted and the insides of helmets with sharp peices of fibre glass sticking out on the inside. I have looked on ebay but am a bit green at all this. Thanks for any help :)


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I came in as green as anyone. But have learned a ton! just take your time and read through the posts on this board. You will find pretty much everything you need.


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obi sean kenobi said:
I would avoid purchasing any sets from eBay. OSK

Mine didn't suck too badly.

Sean's right though. As a rule Ebay gauntlets are crap.
Search the threads & see what everyone else is wearing.