Gauntlets colors and differences. Help!!!!

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Well, the more info I look for, the more I get confused :facepalm

I have a set of unfinished RA gauntlets. I believe they're ESB.

I want to paint them in the ESB stle, and I've been reading and browsing threads, but everytime I get a bit more confused.

So, in a nutshell: what are the differences between ESB, Mom, AOSW and Jedi? I've read that AOSW and Jedi are the same, but I'm not sure.

What are the differences regarding colors? ESB's seem to be green, but not sure if they're the same green as the armor.

I've seem some that are red/burgundy, but I think I saw a picture were one gauntlet was burgundy while the other one was some kind of yellow.

About the greeblies, are there any differences between ESB and ROTJ?

Thanks a lot guys!!!!

The set that both are green are ESB, the set that both are red are ROTJ, and the set that one is red and one is yellow are Pre-pro. Yes there are big differences between the style and greebles on each different set.
Besides color differences listed above, look at the left gauntlet. Is there a rectangular box with two "gun barrels" sticking out of the front? Then it's ROTJ. Is it composed of three tubes of varying lengths? then it's ESB.
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