Gauntlet switch - Found?


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I think I have maybe found a switch for the left gauntlet.

Here is link

I have 3 one the way. Here is the funny part, 3 of them cost me $1.00 and $6.00 to ship. :confused I will post better pics when I get them. I had WhoJedi look at it he said it was dead on and a great find.


This is the swtich
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When I was looking for one of those, they were nowhere to be found. I used a small piece of aluminum tubing, filled with black resin. It doesn't function, but it looks decent.
SWFreak said:
Isn't that the same type of switch that was used on the old Atari game systems?

That switch is to large but, the right type, per WhoJedi. He put Jango together at CII.
I got the switches today. They look great. I will show them to WhoJedi on Wednesday and see what he says.
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