Gauntlet review... comments, please? (56k beware!)

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Hey all... For those of you that were at the SDCC last year, I was the irritating guy with the romulan-esque haircut that followed you around and asked you irritating questions about where you got all your stuff from (Hi there, Journeymanprotector! =)

Anyway... My buddy and I have finally modelled the first gauntlet. It's sort of a conglomeration between various ESB pictures and the references from the technical SW books (Guide to Technology)... next step is to get some moulds and start pouring aluminum.

Comments, please? =)

3-4 view.jpg



left side.jpg


wo those look pretty nice. kinda funny, im making a set of gauntlets as well, cept im not using wood for the clamshells. Those look cool. I love the flamethrower, very cool.
The calc pad area is too long.

Make the area where the clamshell attaches to top strait (right angled), not curving into the top.

I'd also make the missle a separate part and not part of the mold.

A dental expander goes where you put the red light.
Thanks for the tippage!

Although if you look at the reference photos in the technical guide, the rocket launches from a tube mounted on top of the gauntlet =)
Hey SC! Haven't forgotten you, just your name. Wasn't Brandon, was it? I think you were there when I absent-mindedly told the Rubies rep that his helmets were crap. (didn't realize he was the Rubies rep). I had my helmet on, I don't think many people heard me lol...

Glad to see you drop in, I was wondering when you'd show up :) Hope to see you at SDCC in a few weeks :)

The gauntlet looks great to me. I agree that the calc area is too long front/back. I also think that the area just beneath it, looking the gauntlet head on, should have a clear face instead of being just a straight edge. Does that make sense? The area just beneath the calc pad...

I'm not sure what the tubing on the side is. If it's ESB, it's a bit off. If it's a mock-up of the size/proportion for the ROTJ then it looks pretty close, just need to box it in :)

The red light I think should be a dental expander and I'm sketchy on that toggle switch, someone will have to help me out there. Is that supposed to be there?

I love the wood look. Will you be making a suit from wood or just the mock-ups? Looks cool either way and I don't think I've seen anything quite like it :)

Take it easy!
Keep on posting :)

You said: "just your name."

I reply: Aaron =) ... It's okay, nobody remembers my name. A face is good enough, 'cuz I don't remember your name either =)

You said: " I was wondering when you'd show up. Hope to see you at SDCC in a few weeks. "

I reply: Well, I figured I'd keep lurking until I had something worth contributing. I still feel like an asshat for having a fett costume that's been in the works for 4+ years now *laughter*
And I will most definately be at the SDCC... Sadly, I won't be pimped out in Fettage. I will be wearing a ringa-dingly good Armor Hunter Mellowlink (Think really old Anime.) costume though. (It was a lot easier than fett...)
I don't suppose you'll be blessing DraconCon with your presence? =)

Now, on to your generous comments...

You said: "I also think that the area just beneath it, looking the gauntlet head on, should have a clear face instead of being just a straight edge. Does that make sense? The area just beneath the calc pad... "

Uhhh... It may be that it's 3am and I've been writing about ancient stuffy dead guys and their views on religion, but I didn't quite understand what you're trying to suggest here? :confused

Re: Side-tubing and toggle switch. Well, the toggle switch was mostly stuck there because the carver (my comrade in fettarms) got impatient and it was the easiest spot to solder. The final switch will be far more hidden and integrated.
And the tubing... Well, he took some artistic leave and stuck the "Essential guide to technology" flamethrower on there. if I have my way, the final version will have a swap-able flamethrower that'll take either the "Essential Guide" version or a more movie-accurate ESB version.

As for the dental expander... Yes, you're correct. It's one of those fine details that'll need to be hammered out before we go on to make a final version in CAD and ship it off to a foundry. As with the switch, he was really just trying to see how much space was needed for LED wiring. Although it does beg the question of where's a good place to stick a laser LED...

I do not plan on using the wood as a final version... I prefer the look and feel of aluminum. Although I may use the wood version at some point if the casts for the aluminum are just obscenely expensive (We haven't priced yet). The wood grain could, I think, be covered pretty well with some creative painting.

I am, for the record, logging these posts and will send a bunch of tips off to the carver... keep it coming, folks! You're doing us a great favour here.
(That's generally how we've operated so far... he does all the elbow-grease and I do all the footwork (Finding pictures, details, ectera)... it seems to work pretty well =)
Go here to get all the tips you need to revise your gauntlet if you want it to be more accurate. In the Ref CD you will find many pictures of the gauntlets and you can see for yourself what are the areas you need to fix.

A Guide to Technology Boba Fett?? that is a new one we will need to add next to the ROTJ, ESB, Pre Pro.....
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