Gauntlet plans?


Hey, everyone, I'm new to the boards, but I've been passionate about Fett since I first saw Empire... I've always wanted to make my own armor, but until now have not had the funds, nor the skills to do it. Nor the permission, as I was a young'un. Now that I'm 18, I really want to make my armor, but I've decided to do a custom job. My armor will be Black, Gunmetal Grey, and Silver when I'm done... Leather Jango-style armor vest... Most likely a stubby style pack.

I have one question though, as I'm going to try and build this all from the ground up... How would I go about the gauntlets?

My current plan is to buy a cheap pair of Soccer shin guards, some elastic sort of fabric, and some foam of some sort -- rigid foam. I plan to sew the fabric to the underside of the shin guards (the hard "fronts" being the top), so that it is enclosed and able to be slid on rather quickly. The top of the shin guards will be heavily modified with rigid foam, stuff that can be chopped and carved into the shapes of the gauntlets... And then I plan to coat the whole thing with PlastiDip.

Anyone think this will work...? :-\ I'm really curious as to see if it does... Cuz... well, how hard is styrene to form...? Should I just go that route...?

-Until later, I remain --
I tryed Soccer shin guards years ago before I knew about TDH, didnt work out for me but I really didnt know what I was doing. I know there is a thread around here that has,, o crap I forget the word now. Has pic's and you draw them out. TEMPLETS!!!! Thats what I was looking for. Any ways there is temps on here you can look for and ask questions someone out there will help.
...anyone else got any ideas...? How hard is sintra to work with...? I've looked at some of those gauntlet plans, and they're somewhat greek to me -- I can some how see some of the objects, but most of the time I have no clue as to how they fit together... :-\ In other news, I've decided how my mando suit will look, if I get it done... I'll sketch it up later, and scan it in.
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