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what material should i use to make the gauntlets? i was thinking of sintra for the main body, but what should i use to make the flame thrower and the spike shooter? i want some detail, not just a plastic cown around my arm :-D
You can make pretty much anything from sintra. For my first all sintra set, and my second set original parts were all made fron sintra. The flamethrower is basically one long box inside another box, and the spike shooter (whipchord) takes five small pieces to make.

Make each gaunt with two basic clam shells, and build up the top of each with smaller cut pieces. Finish all the seams with bondo, and paint away. Build a practice set out of cardboard so you dont mess up your sintra. And don't forget your ref CD! If you don't have one yet, I think their doing another run soon.
layers? interesting...but how do i make the weapons? they're like boxes...dunno how to describe them, but you know what i'm talking about. ur saying to basically make an almost box and glue it on? sounds like it would work, but would i look ok?

oh and i'm not exactly sure where to get the sintra. i spent a lotta time looking for a sign shop and/or a plastic store kinda place. dunno if i'm gonna find any
Which gauntlets do you plan on making? There are 3 basic types. #1 the Red and Yellow Pre Pro set. This set has a Red right gauntlet with 1 hose and a very slim whip cord device on the outside. The left gauntlet is yellow and has an extend able flame projector on the outside, also has a small cube located under the cone of the rocket , and has 2 hoses. #2 Empire Strikes Back green movie version. These gauntlets are both green, the right gauntlet is similar as the pre pro set with the same slim whip cord device. The Left gauntlet has a three tiered flame projector on the outside, and there is no cube under the rocket tip. #3 The Return of the Jedi gauntlets are both red and the right gauntlet is the same shape, but has a large whip cord device on the outside, which has two hoses connected to it along with the hose off the top. The left gauntlet is the same shape as the ESB version, but the flame projector has been replaced with a rectangular box where inside there are two barrels located.
Fettcicle, TDH's official gauntlet expert!!! ;) You tell 'em buddy!

As Fettcicle, and a few others have helped point out, even though it may initally appear that all the base guantlets are the same and the differences are the greeblies attached to them, this is NOT the case. From what we can tell even the base shells for the prepro-esb and rotj are different. The ESb and RotJ bases are very similar but there still are a number of differences. Study those pics HARD!!!
sorry i didn't clarify. i'm talking about jango fett's gauntlets. and i know basically what's on them , but i don't know how to make them.
You opened a whole new can of worms! Those gauntlets seem very similar to the base shapes of the 3 other basic types closer to the ROTJ version except for the calc pad missing from the left gauntlet, and the size of the box located on the outside. Hummmmm to make, You could go the sintra route, build a basic clam shell for the arms, "Stack" pieces together until you have the basic shape, then fill with Bondo. Don't be afraid to try, we all want the best out of any project, and sometimes the results we want may intimidate us to the point where we might not even try to attempt it. We are not born knowing everything, All new things are learning experiences. What you learn from making these gauntlets will help you make a better pair next time!
Ok I was doing some searching but I could not find what I was looking for. I have a Ruffkin Toys Kit, should I use super glue to put them together? How many hoses are on the ROTJ Guants? How do I attach the hoses to the Guantlet?
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