Gauntlet enigmas...

Hey THD denizens,
I have witnessed a bit of a poser here and though this topic may have been discussed already in the past, I was wondering if anyone has the "skinny" for me.

I was just watching ROJ SE and Boba Fett uses his left gauntlet to blast at or around Luke on the opposite desert skiff. (this we all know)...

I was pausing the tape to get a better look at the gauntlets and I noticed that Fett fires from both the top and from the side (which I thought the side was primarily a flame thrower). I checked numerous times to make sure that I was seeing things correctly.

Granted there are two nozzles on the left side and arguably one could double as a laser but why then would he use both when one (the top which he fires from first) would suffice?

Not to mention that the top cannon has no hose connected to it like in some non-movie photos. (after thought)
When I was a kid, I always thought that this was a missle of sort.

Many thanks in advance for some insight.


If I'm not mistaken, the "flamethrower" on JANGO'S left gauntlet, is refered to a whipcord-thrower on ROTJ BOBA's. They look about the same to me, so I'm not sure why each would do something different. :facepalm
I think LFL never thought we'd all take this stuff seriously :lol: It's an addiction,but I wonder the same things about the costumes and movies in general.......continuity makes us feel better.
All my friends don't get it but they all say they would never have expected me to be such a sci-fi fan when they first met me (though mostly focused on Star Wars).

They know that I do not care what people think and they actually respect me more for it. So that's cool.

I love these movies and started getting into the costumes a few years ago. So when I build these things, I actually like to know what they do. "The Fett Family" has so much going on with their modified suites, sometimes I need to get alternate opinions. This is of course the stuff we actually see on film. Hell, they could have many more tricks up their sleeve (no pun intended) ;).

This is a cool forum as well. Good people.


phantomfett wrote:

I think the whipcord thingy is on the right gauntlet for Boba actually, and that's the same for both Boba and Jango.
Not according to the visual dictionary. I remember this debate at thr RPF over a year ago. Go there and use the search feature to see if you can dig it up. :)
If the Attack of the Clones visual dictionary says that Jango's fibercord thingy comes out of his left gauntlet then it is WRONG. I just watched the Kamino platform scene again, and it clearly comes out of the RIGHT gauntlet. Boba's also comes out of his right gauntlet when he wraps up Luke on the skiff. To further back that up, I've got pics of two different armor spreads of Boba, one ESB and one ROTJ, that both state that the fibercord whip is on the right gauntlet. The original SW visual dictionary doesn't even mention the darn fibercord whip at all.
OK, whatever you say. I'm not the expert on this, just repeating what I remember from the last time this subject was touched upon, and that subject was the LEFT gauntlet flamethrower / whipcord-thrower debate.
Visual dictionaries are not the best references...there are always contradictions between the different versions. It's always best to go by what the movies show first.


faq-rotj-cable.jpg about the gauntlet laser? (tisk-tisk)

;) :):):):)

I will just proclaim [to myself] that the top is a laser and the side is a flame thrower (left guant, that is).

Thanx group.

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