Gauntlet differences?

The base of both left gauntlet is the same, but have different flame thrower attacthments which you probubly already know. the space in front of the calculator pad is square all the way around.
I think you misunderstood the question, what I am asking about is the area of the gauntlet that touches the wrist, is that curved or rectangular?

In some of the pics in the link in my first post, you can sort of see it
and to me it looks curved, but I want to be sure.
Its just hollow, what your seeing curved I think is the lower shell, the glove, or the sides which is curved, but behind the calc pad its hollow
Down the barrel

tylerdurden has it correct, my question, is that part exactly the same on the ESB gauntlet?

Meaning, curved where the one on the ROTJ Gauntlet is curved and broken.
From what I have seen, I personally believe that the ESB is the same way, as it appears all the base gauntlets came from the same mold. Most likely the small arch is there to accomodate the wrist. However, I can't produce a picture that adequately proves that from ESB.
I thought we had a decent of that area; that was the one I was thinking of.


Given that all the other gauntlets have the arch, and that the gauntlets came from the same base molds, I think that picture substantially proves that the ESB had the same arch you see in the picture above.

You'll notice that any time the wrist is pressed into that arch it creates the illusion that the area is rectangular because it fills the space. You will see that same effect on any real gauntlet.
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Here is an image of the same pic with RED to show the variations,
one is curved the other has a rectangular front:


I think it's curved and tylerdurden agrees,
anyone else have an opinion?
IMO it is curved. This is not based on anything substantial, other than over the years I have learned that it's not a good idea to disagree with tylerdurden. :p

Oh I see what your looking at now. what are the differences?

The left gauntlet ROTJ has a box type flame thrower, the ESB has the exposed pipes and wires.

The right gauntlets is pretty much the same. There is only one hose on the ESB where the ROTJ has three and an extra pipe under the landyard array. The ESB also has a push button near the wrist on the left side of the right gauntlet. OTher than that the paint job is way different and the most important part imo. ITs just done differently.
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