Gauntlet Details


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Greetings again everyone, I have yet another armor question for all the super Fetts out there. I just received the pivotal piece for my Mandalorian armor to begin so I need some specs from you all if I could. I need to know the following in no particular order

How long is the left gauntlet?
How much does the add-ons (laser, and other assorted pieces) weight
How well do those wonderful things stay in place?

I am currently modifying a marker to mount in a gauntlet (replacing the resin laser) and I need to know how much weight I need to cut off to keep it from being too top heavy. I also need to know where to buy some sturdy/well made gauntlets so if you point me in the right direction I would, of course, be most greatful


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I couldn't tell you any dimensions or weights at the moment but I will tell you that I've attached foam inside the tops of the guantlets to keep them tight on my wrists and they usually stay just fine.


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Do yourself a favor & get a set from Chuck (ruffkintoy)

His are sweet.
(this is where I usually post pics of mine/chucks. But I figure we are all sick of seeing them)


have a set of gauntlets coming from Chuck at ruffkins . I hope they are as good as you guys say . I have 2 other sets that are not so great which i will unload or modify and sell if the ruffkins turn out good .