Gauntlet Blueprints?


I've looked around and havent found any gauntlet blueprints. Did I miss them somewhere in the forums?

They appear to be extremely detailed. pictures are good, but actual dimentions are far better.
There aren't really any blueprints as most people bought a fiberglass or styrene kit and put them together themselves. If your trying to make them from scratch, good luck. Maybe you can come up with the blueprints for future members. The Cargo hold on this forum and ebay are good sources for gauntlets.
Some people made them from sintra but it is a long and tedious process.
I used pieces of a cardboard box and just cut shapes off and built the gauntlets completley out of cardboard(I used a lot of tape). Once I was happy with the shape and proportions, I cut up the cardboard gauntlets and used them for my template and cut out the sintra. Molded it in hot water and used a crap load of hot glue from a glue gun. Then smoothed the seams with bondo (That's the rust colored stuff) and there you go....

Left Gaunt from Scratch

Right Gaunt from Scratch

Here is one almost complete..(It's finished now but I don't have any great turned out alright

Good luck,

It's not great....You have to really sand your sintra first or it will just flake off once it is dry. Also, you have to put it on in really thin layers. It cracks as it dries but I didn't use it in parts that bend or seams where there is any tension. You can see from the pics the joints I covered aren't going to be moving or flexing at all.

I would see if there is anything else that would be better (Make sure to use the search engine first, I'm sure this has been discussed before).

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