Gauntlet attachment method


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Hmm....ok, I hve a question. Has anyone tried maybe permanently attaching pieces of elastic inside the gauntlets as a way to hold them together and on? I was going to use hinges and magnents and this idea just hit me about 10 minutes ago. Let me know what you guys thing about this...I think it's got some pretty good potential.



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I like it! I don't think this has ever been discussed but it seems like a no-brainer considering how much elastic already holds armor pieces on. Be sure to take pics!


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I use that same thing to hold my TK forearms on. I have skinny little arms and they would spin around on me. I put the strap in and now they stay perfectly where I put them. The only draw back is that I have strap marks on my arms for like a day after.


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Well, I"m giving this a try on the gauntlets I'm using for my custom mandalore. Don't want to mess up the accurate ones right! Anyway, I just ran out of superglue so I'm gonna run down to walmart for more. I'll try to post some pictures sometime tomorrow if it works.

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I too use this for my Trooper armor forearms,and biceps.Just sew a piece of elastic into a comfortably fitting circle.Then I use a heavy duty snap to attach it to the inside so it can be removed for replacement.



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OK, here are a few pics. Forgive the lame gauntlet, it's still being painted and weathered for a custom.





It seems to work pretty well so far. Everything is permanently on. It stretches enough for me to just slide my hand through. Snaps right back to the original spot. I still neet to put some padding to make the gaunt fit my arm right but the securing system seems to hold well.

Hope this helps some other people out there.




I did this on my CT. But not the way you did. I glued white elastic straps inside the outer shell, so they're loose all the way around. They hold the gauntlet onto my arm- not together. I still have velcro for that. So I just open the gauntlet, slip my hand through the loops, and close the gauntlet. Like sock straps- if anyone's seen those.;)

Works great for shins, too.;)


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I've been working out how to attach my gauntlets for the past hour or so (if only these things came with instructions things would be SO much my girlfriend wouldn't tell me to stop swearing quite as often).

I think that the ideas listed above are great -- whatever works best for you and all of that, and I'm not saying any other application is wrong -- but it seems like the clamshell method will ultimately be the easiest.

Wouldn't it?

The fact that it's screen accurate is just the icing on the cake.





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I just used plain old superglue. It sealed in and was set in like 5 minutes. Af far as screen accurate I don't know what that would be. I know the jango gauntlets had a hinge in them to open the halves of the clamshell. That's what I was planning to do with my boba gauntlets until I decided try this. I'm thinking this might be a gem.



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My right gaunt doesnt quite fit my fat arm so I used the elastic idea and it works GR8.
I put industrial velcro on the insides of the top and bottom part of the gaunt, then I had my mom sew the "fuzzy" part of the velcro to 4 straps of elastic and place 'em like in the photos a few posts above. My arm can finalllllly get some circulation to it :p :p

thanks for the idea


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i just tried slowmos elastic method and it works thing about it is the cost and time...i paid a buck for a yard of 2" elastic and it took minutes (literally) to i can move on to the next fett piece.