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Jedi Bob

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I have a set of Ruffk gauntletss and I have a question as far as the flamethrower. How did folks attach the top of the thrower to the flat bottom? Did you guys inserrt the top part into the lower lip or make them flush?

Also, what type of system did you use to attach the non-velcro side (the outside) of the gauntlets? Glue, snaps, etc.

Thanks gang :)
Hi JB, first I built an inner skeleton in the flmamethrower unit(with thick card board) so that it did not collapsed with age, then I covered the flat bottom (inner part) with plastic to make it flatter(this is the side to glue to the upper unit) and just glued it to the flamethrower. I used a lot of glue to cover the gaps between the two pieces and after it was dry I painted it with grey primer which covers any imperfection. I forgot, it is flushed to the upper unit.

If you are going to attach the flamethrower with bolts and nuts to the gauntlet (like I did) remember to drill holes, insert the bolts and glue them from the inside before covering the upper unit with the flat bottom part.

Also check out the pictures in the Ref CD so that you are sure in which direction the flat bottom goes before doing anything.

LMK if you have any question, I will try to post a close up picture of mine to give you an idea. :)

Juan Manuel
Yeah, make sure to add some reinforcement to the inside of the flamethrower. Thats what the extra plastic I include is for. Also make sure the bottom piece goes on the right way like Defiler said. The angled side goes to the front.
For the non velcro side I glued the right one and used velcro on the left one, but they can both be glued.
Here are the pictures, I hope they help. :) The gauntlets non velcro side are attached with screws and glue but the flamethrower can be detached.





I have heard several of you refer to POP RIVETS when sealing the non-velcro side of your gauntlets. Where can I find these?
You can get the pop rivets and rivet gun at Lowes, Home Depot and even walmart. There not very expensive,come in handy and are easy to use.
Should the Pop Rivets and gun work as well for the Trooper armor? You know, to use something more than just once...;)

I used it for parts of my trooper armor as well.Helps out in assembling the helmet. I thik you can get a rivet gun at walmart for around $8.00 and the rivets are about $3-4 for a good sized pack.
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