Gaunt missile paint experiment... neat! Pics added!

I hope someone hasn't covered this already - did a search...

Anyway, I got my Ruff gauntlets (beauties by the way), & was considering finding an aluminum missile but can't really afford 1. So I thought I'd try the new chrome-appearing sprays & figure I tone it down a bit w/ an overspray of aluminum. Got the spray from a local hardware store - I think it may be Krylon.

Anyway, stuff works well, I noticed the Jango guys prefer Rub 'n Buff etc, but I thought the following may interest people - I sprayed the missile after masking the brass / gold tip, let it sit an hour & noticed it was just too darn shiny.

Here's the neat part - I took a paper towel & by holding the masked tip spun the missile in the towel. The paint was still drying (if held w/ pressure I could have easily left prints) & it not only toned down the shine but left what looks like spin marks from machining. Cool. Way cool.

All said & done it looks like a machined piece - closer to steel in color, but between a good fill & prep job & the texture it sure looks darn impressive. I don't think I'll try to add white/silver to recreate alum. Sorry for no pics guys... EDIT: Pics added - yay!

Ah yes, the pic thing, unless someone can upload for me I'm sol...

But I'll take some pics & if u pm me ur email I'll send some jpeg's!

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O.k. here goes nothin':




I CAN'T BELIEVE IT WORKED! I didn't think posting pics was this easy!! Whee - I love looking @ everyone's pics so it's nice to contribute!!

The pics don't show the fine turn marks/texture u'll have to take my word - it looks like a turned piece! I'm sure u can get the idea on color & overall appearance. Again, looks more like steel than alum. The final pic is prior to gray painting on gold tip & final weathering with pastels & overspray...

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You can also get a great STEEL effect by rubbing a soft 3b pencil onto a cloth and rubbing it over the silver paint - looks like steel....
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