Full Rubber Boba Boots?!?

Supposedly Boba's boots are a found item and were "Miners" boots from the U.K. that's probably were the designer of those boots got the idea. Who knows, but they do look very close I agree.
they look like they have detail lines on them that would border the color change on a regular fett boot. Look to be a similar design overall, but different materials. cool find.

Seeing the closeup and detail, they look great as a comparison to the real deal! But the only problem is that they are not the same material, but there's always paint :)
If you look carefully, it appears that these are rubber 'covered'. I would bet money that these are material boots overlayed with rubber.
ARG... they only have size 7.5. I'm a 14. THose were a great find.

size 11 here, most of the sites people reccomend for the boots only sell shoes that come in small sizes. I'd probably buy them if they came in my size. but i,m still working on my converse all star boots right now and they're not looking too good
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