Full armor Mando concept, PLEASE COMMENT!


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Kote! I have made a V.1 of my armor and am now planning a V.2

My idea is to do a heavy armored boot-thumper Mando. As we all know my last set was a little "small"

I have looked back and planned out much larger plates and allowed for good mobility. The thigh armor goes all the way around and the shin guards may do this as well (at the moment they are just front mounted).

The cod piece has been replaced for a 3-4 part segmented "trench armor" sytled set. This will just hang and allow me to sit and walk with no fear of snapping my cod like I did last year.

The rear (it's black on the fig as I don't know what to do with it yet) will be covered with a good ol' fashion Kama.

My stripes are back in force and I may toy with their placement, any comments or help with the stripes would be great.

I shall be using a converted MG-42 as my weapon along with one or both of my DL-44s I made last year.

The shoulder pads are missing and will be large oval shapes. The right will have a winged nightwolf "nose art" painted on it and the left will have the mark of the Empire.

Here are some pics of what I was and what I am planning for next as sculpted on a 3" Jango figure. Please leave any comments, ideas or questions!



New ideas:







Remember those comments!!!
I like your new ideas. The first thing that stood out to me in your old armor was the large exposed area at your stomach. The armor and vest could come down further.

The new skirted idea with the large belt could do a lot for your armor. Especially since you are a large guy, I think it would help tie the lower section to the upper.

Pay real close attention to the armor plate shapes from Boba and/or Jango. You are right that they should have more coverage, but there are also important gaps and angles between each piece.

I would suggest working from the neck down. It helps line everything up right to your body. Make templates first so you know everything fits you how it should. Also, I would suggest adding a colar armor piece. The reason is that by excluding it, it is causing you to stretch out your other chest pieces to cover your body, blowing out the proportions.

One more thing....add a neck seal. The exposed neck reduces the efffectiveness of the armor.

Good luck.
I shall be adding a neck seal, my bucket (an MLC 1) shall have speakers and fans in it.

As for the armor, I do have a collar designed I just couldn't fit in on the mini. I have a rear top plate with a slight neck guard and it will have large shoulders. I did look to the vacu-formed larger armor and it won't be big enough. The mini is hard to see from my dark colours. I plan on making larger, more covering body plates, very little of my vest/suit will be seen through the plates if I can do it right.

DO please keep ideas coming! I want to hear what you all think!
I like your ideas DF. :)
The addition of collar/partial back armor will help the overall look too as Shockwave pointed out.
Full chest and stomach armor on a longer vest will really bring it together.

Have you considered adding a small power cell backpack with cables running to your weapons?
Just a quick idea that i had for a heavy weapons Mando.
I had the idea to do a big gun with a back mouted ammo/gubbins pack. I don't know if I want a flamethrower or some sort or other big gun. I had wanted an MG-42/Lewis but I can't find a good one.
Jun Garros Fett said:
Have you considered adding a small power cell backpack with cables running to your weapons?
Just a quick idea that i had for a heavy weapons Mando.

Maybe sort of like a sandtrooper backpack or something.
Just for instances

I agree with the surp/mil pouches the green offsets your helmet. maybe if you dyed them black it would be a better fit. but i would remove the one on your back.

The skirt it a good idea, but what about a cape that draped from shoulder to shoulder.

I would also put your pants legs over the boots and get some spats or leg ties, and make the undersuit black as well. - i see your figure has that already- the gray color doesnt make your blue stand out a solid background will make everything look less spacey in between the armor gaps.

The cod piece is a great idea its sorta midieval, but why not come to a point with an armored half skirt that connects on the sides on the cod?

I would also make the shoulder bells bigger, maybe even one real bigger like your some sort of mando knight with maybe some blades coming off of it or whatnot. you have alot of stuff in the middle area and nothing up top so it would be more proportioned.
Man, I just made a post in your other thread about your armor design. I really like the unconventional shape and design of it. As the other members have voiced earlier, a longer vest, and larger armor will do wonders. Your overall design and color scheme is awesome! I do like the new design as well, but I thought your other was better. One suggestion on your weathering; use a matte finish to paint and seal your work. It will really dull your silver down a little. It's a little to bright IMO.
The raccoon tail is his version of the Fett scalps. Like a trophy.

I love the new design! A heavy-artillery Mando will be sweet!!
The boots are indeed staying but the wolf tail/cloak are going. They are integral to my backstory but I feel they would get in the way of my gear.
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