FT's Scratch Built ESB Rifle - EE-3EZ


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OK, the base is a toy gun my son had. The barrel on it is huge, because it fired 2" balls out the end of the barrel. Its not going to look exactly like a Webley, so I'm calling it an EE-3ez.


I gutted the pistol and filled it full of Bondo for weight.
I JB Welded aluminum tubing inside the pistol barrel.
I took bondo and filled around the outside of the aluminum tube to make it conical shaped.


I've got to cut those slots out for my imitation MPP tube (that's what the white paper is on the end).
I have a guy at work making me a 1/4" thick aluminum stock plate.
...and then I have to fab the stock out. I have some nice poplar I am going to use. If you haven't tried poplar its really nice, looks like a hardwood, but shapes as easy as pine.


Comments are welcome.
Nice! that does have a cool SW feel to it. Did you want the barrel to get smaller at the end? Or was the barrel on the original tapered, so you couldn't really change the shape? Looks really cool!
No, it didn't taper, but the barrel tapers on a the really webley's so, I was trying to copy it the best I could. I'm going to make it look as close as possible, but I know it won't be a dead on replica.

I got the holes dremeled out and threw a coat of black paint on it. Its looking pretty sweet. I can't wait to get the stock and scope on it.

I'll post some more pics when I get it a little closer to completing it.
Long time since I updated this one, but here it goes.


These pics don't do the weathering justice...it looks much nicer in your hands...


Here's a closer image of my stock box and scratch-made split plugs.


I scratch-made everything on it, but the scope, plugs below the barrel, and the scope.


The stock plate consisted of 4 pieces of 1/8" thick aluminum I cut and glued together with JB Weld to make it 1/4" thick.

Comments and questions welcome.
Didn't see this before the questions in the main thread, love that rifle!

I'll be needing to make a stock box myself as well as rigging the sling for the rifle.

Also love the stock color, anything out of the box? ;)

Looking great,


snake fett wrote:

wow, very nice...i love how it came out. like the color.
Thanks - I used a satin black (I think it was Krylon) spray paint...Gives it a little shine. Then I dry brushed with Testor's silver.

journeymanprotector wrote:

Didn't see this before the questions in the main thread, love that rifle!

I'll be needing to make a stock box myself as well as rigging the sling for the rifle.

Also love the stock color, anything out of the box? ;)

Phil - for the stock, I used one of those polyurethane and stain combos - I think it was a dark/special walnut. I put like 4 coats on it. In between each coat, lightly sprayed it with flat black spray paint to give it an older, well-used look.

The stock box was built similar to my hardware split plugs, layered sintra. The bottom is made from 2 pieces of sintra just glued together. The third piece of sintra was cut so that it would make a lip around the edge. It was basically the same shape as the first 2 pieces, but had the inside removed to with in 1/8" of the outside edge.

I then used glazing putty to fill the cracks, painted it black, and dry-brushed it with orange. I really wish I could've gotten some orange plastic and then sanded the black off of it. Makes the weathering more realistic up close.

Hope that helps, PM me if you need more info.
Thats a sweet blaster, nice work. I'd like to find one of those guns for a different custom blaster. What store sells the toy gun you used?
I'm sure it was Wally World.

The gun was bright Orange and it came with 3 green balls. It had a little set-up with it that looked like a wall, with 3 cans on it. When you shot the cans they would tip back and make an electronic bullet sound.

I wish I had taken some pics of it before modding it.
Wow, the first pics, I had my doubt about it looking nice...but man...that thing looks very nice mate! I'm impressed.

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