Frost K'Amon (Evolving Thread.)

Okay everyone, This all starts way back when in 4th grade. I was having a conversation with some of my little buddies about starwars, and they were talking about favorite characters. Take a wild guess who mine was? *cough* :fettesb *cough*

Anyway, I discovered that I could draw, and began doing pictures of some of my favorite characters, including good old boba, the first single freehand I ever did. It sucked, so I proceded to dedicate the next eight or so years to actually learning to draw well.

In the meantime, I began to roleplay, and especially starwars roleplay, where I invented a character: Frost K'Amon, enemy of the force

I also began working on films and other video media for my various schools, and we ended up shooting the venerable TK-409 in the parking lot one day. I was greatly impressed by his armor and costume, and it made an indefinably deep impression on me. I was going to make myself a mandalorian.

New Bounty Hunter's Guild Database: Member 232-A7sigma said:
Name: Frost K'Amon (Alias Frostbane)
Species: Human
Race: Mandalorian
Homeworld: Tatooine

--[Labeled: DANEROUS]--

Age: Undesclosed
Height: Circa 6'2''
Weight:Circa 180lbs
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown

Delivery Bounties Taken: 46
Delivery Bounties Returned: 38

Hunter Bounties Taken: 67
Hunter Bounties Returned: 67

Quotes: "The Force is a myth, cleverly perpetuated by it's creators." After winning a 10,000 credit bet against the capture of rogue jedi, Syrith synn.

Frost K'Amon apeared on the scene several years after the conclusion of the galactic civil war. He dons an odd suit of pruple and black mandalorian armor, and is known to speak on almost no ocasion. His armor is heavily scraped and scratched, primarily due to his reliance on the art of Teras'Kasi, or unarmed combat in capturing his marks. Some even say they have seen him deflect blaster bolts with his heavily armored gauntlets. He has been reputed to kill those who disrespect him or his mandalorian heratage

Prefered weapons:
DL-68c Pistol, with a Vibroblade extension
PM-15 Boot pistol
CL-20 Plasma Grenades
Several custom throwing knives
His martial skills

I will be posting pictures, concept art, and design schematics as I go along

-Gun- Completed 4/26/06






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UPDATE: 4/24/06

Helmet Weathering

here are some pics of the weathering on the helmet, I personally think it's a bit much, but I'de like some other opinions




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I like it. The weathering looks very good, keep it up. I hope your suit turns out great. A word of advice: Try not to use the martial art skills when in the suit, it might make the armor go wonky.
Actually, I did last year at the mid-eastern Anime con (Animazement)

Went surprisingly well, excluding that whilst walking in the door, my shin pads blasted off like rockets. I abandoned them behind a potted plant and carried on without them to much success.

I've recenlly redesigned all of my armor so I can actually do some Tae-Kwon-Do in them without serious side effects. the only problem is my backplate keeps going all wonky on me if I do any kicks too high.

Gun assembly completed & gun weathering completed. (DL-68c)

Post and pics in main post.

Feedback pelase
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The gun looks awesome! I love the concept of it. So simple...yet so unique.

The helmet looks good too. I think I commented on HVM about it as well. We actually have a member on HVM with the same color scheme for the helmet...but he has no weathering on his at all. You've done a good job.

Hows the rest of the armor look? I'm curious to see the whole getup.
Unfortunately, I was planning on cutting out the wood for my Gauntlets today (fully custom, made of composte TCP, velcro, some hinges, elastic and Wood), but it's raining so I'll have to delay that, instead I'm going to do some damage work on my armor a little later tonight, get the chest armor done.

I'm planning on Getting a Nitefinder (Nerf herders represent!) and modding it into a PM-15, boot gun edition.

More updates soon, Feedback is always welcome!
Awesome bro! That gun is kick-butt! And so is that bucket!

Keep up the good work. Definatly get some pics of the armor up, as well as pics of the PM-15! After seeing the other PM's, I really want a Nitefinder to mod!

well, I'm completly repainting my armor, however, I have done some concept work for the PM-15, its just a screencap of the nitefinder with some lame photoshopping, but it is desriptive enough to guess what it will look like

Early concept work

The Tenadro PM series has become an exceedingly popular model of blaster in recent years. Small, lightweight, and powerful, these guns have fallen into favor with securty agencies, private citizens, and most noteably: Bounty Hunters.

In light of the amazing success of the PM-10 blaster, demand began to escalate for a heavies version of the light blaster. The result was the PM-15. The weapon uses very powerful focusing coils along it's central Barrel to produce a very focused and destructive blaster bolt. The weapon chews through it's powerpacks very quickly, each providing only fifteen shots. The gun's firepower is comperable to a low-end disruptor blast, and is banned on many worlds as such.
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Nice concept! Love the description!

That model nerf gun is fun to work with. :D

Just remember to sand off the "Nerf" part or you can glue a washer that is the same size, over top of the logo.
Well guys, it's the (few days) moment of truth.

Animazement is going on this weekend in Raleigh, and I'm going. This will be the first showing of my 2.0 model armor.

I was not able to finish the cape, however

1) I made a good set of custom gauntlets out of some 2x6 treated lumber.
2) made my holster out of an army-standard colt 1911 holster
3) Did generic detailing and weathering. i'll have piccies by sunday.

okay everyone, I've only got two pics, but I'm in the process of trying to round up some other from some fellow con-goers, and I hope I'll have some better ones soon.


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