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FP's Armor and gaunts

I received my FP gauntlets and chest armor the other day and all I can say is amazing. All of the castings were clean and there is very little clean up to be done either mostly trim to fit and you're ready to go. The chest plates were nice and thick and evenly vac'd. Well worth it and I highly recommend getting a set if haven't already.


I'll second that. His pieces are second to none. Unless someone can cast the screen used parts, I don't think I'll ever need to upgrade these.
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I'll go with that as well! I think his slogan should be... If you've made it here, the ride is over... You have just made your final upgrade!
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Praise indeed.

Could anyone be so kind as to PM me a price guide?

Wasn't looking to upgrade yet, but it never hurts to find out. ;)

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Amen to upgrades being over :lol: I went through 5 sets of gauntlets before "perfection" was achieved. :)

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I'm waiting for all of his armor he's done so far. Just going from the pics I've seen, I won't have to upgrade. You get the best pieces out there and actually SAVE money in the long run by not having to upgrade. :) Add my MB jet pack and to that and I'm starting to get something that resembles Fett.
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I have been in contact with FP, and I have to say he is a great guy. He is actually willing to help the younger crowd out :). I would highly recommend dealing with him for all your armor needs.
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Just got my chest armor other days as well....Very sweet, havnt gotten around to trimin it but one of these days.....
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I have been out of the scene for a bit.

Would someone be kind enough to PM me FP's contact info?

Anyone have pics of it?

I am looking to replace some of my armor i'm not happy with.

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well Klinsek, with only 3 posts to your name, I doubt many people will be willing to share that info, why dont you try eBay and see about what you need. I always wanted to say that :lol:
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I understand where youre coming from Klinsek, I originally became a member back in like June of last year. After some issues, i came back, but lost my old post count. All the people that registered after I did originally and now have more posts than me treat me like a newbie, when in reality I have been around longer than them.
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finally got mine trimmed (armor) and primed. Hoping to lay the first green layer on this weekend. And yes the gauntlets are sweeeeeettt.
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unlike the previous guy, i AM new here and im putting together my first fett(ESB). i was gonna try and make it all myself but only ended up making the belt, the vest, and the jumpsuit so far. im doing up a helmet right now, but as for armor and gauntlets i want to order kits from FP but have been unsuccessful in getting a response from him. ive seen his Empire gauntlets and they are practically the only ones out there that aren't green Jedi style ones. if my wee amount of posts is the deterrent then i might be SOL because mostly i come here to research and get tips. being a noob doesnt exactly give me a lot to post. ah, getting off topic; is there anyone who can PM me some contact info or price listings for FP's stuff?
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when you see one of FP's posts just hit is signature banner. It will take you to his site and there is contact info there I think. He's usually pretty good about helping us newer folks out.

I know what you mean about feeling like a noob. I've only been on this board for a few months but I built my costume for halloween in 97. Now that there is so much more research on stuff I'm in bad need of some upgrades! I remember the days back then when the best I had to go on was mark bradley's site. I remember going to it once and leaving out a hyphen and getting directed to a porno site.

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For making an awesome fiberglass gauntlet kit!:) Chock full of greeblies & very detailed. Never needs upgrading!

Also packaged superbly & sent in a new box. It is these little details that count in my books. Thanks FP!:cheers
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