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Thanks guys, I thought I would get that one past you. ;)

While its not screen accurate, I went with the fiberglass upper shell on the right gauntlet as well as the left. The fiberglass upper shell is thicker than the vac'ed styrene bottom shell. This was not an issue on the left gauntlet, since the flamethrower housing covers the outside seam. However, on the right gauntlet it is partially exposed, as you guys know, since you are so keenly observant. ;)

So ... I chose to bondo the seam to even out the thickness between the FG and the styrene. The seam disappears, but it made for a better and smoother mounting surface for the whipcord housing.

Now ... how will I ever be able to go public ... I have a missing seam on my right gauntlet. :lol:


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Good thing you'll have your helmet on to hide your face. I'd rather be caught dead than be seen in public with a seamless right gauntlet :lol:


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Gator Fett said:
As most of you know by now, FP makes a killer set of armor. Well ... he also makes a fantastic fiberglass/vac/resin gauntlet kit.

Here are some starter pics of my next project. I will be posting some progress shots of the various steps of assembly, and will be including a few surprises along the way. ;)

Keep watching.
Wow, i need one of those kits, i made the mistake of ordering some off ebay and there not up to scratch.

can anyone tell me where to get a set of them pleeeeeaaassseee

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I have had a very productive weekend. (y) I finished the liquid masking, painting and topical weathering on both the right and left gauntlets. Time to start some assembly and then final weathering and dul coat.

LEFT GAUNTLET *EDIT: i ment left not right, it was a late night*

As I stated above, I am putting two red laser modules in the flame thrower nozzles. I wired up the 3V battery box (2 AAA batteries) to the two momentary contact switches and then one switch to each laser module. Then installed everything into the flame thrower housing.

Next I wired a 9V battery to the toggle switch, and then to the 12V LED. Even thought the LED is 12V, it will still light up with a 9V battery. I installed the switch and LED in their holes, then velcro'ed the 9V battery to the upper shell under the dental expander section.

The last part I got to was the Russ Rep missile. I weathered the brass nose with a black wash. For the aluminum parts, I painted on the black, then scratched it off with my finger nail, a brass brush, and an abrasive dish washing sponge. Sorry, the flash washed out the picture a little.





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Sorry, the pics did not come out as clear as I would have liked, but I tried a few times and this is the best I could get.

The right gauntlet has less accessories but more weathering. I installed the darts, switches and hoses after the painting & weathering. The switches are not wired up yet, because I am not finished with what they will be controlling.

The front switch will control my helmet rangefinder by remote control, I HOPE. :facepalm I am getting the kit from hyperdyne, and working on my helmet over the next month, so I will keep you posted.

The back switch will control my :jet pack thrusters, that I showed off in the JP forum. I will also be working on my JP over the next month, and tweeking my final thruster design. Again, I hope this works out too.

Thanks for looking, and I hope I did not over due the pics. :p





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