FP Armor - Version 3


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Yay...it's like Christmas! Canada Post just delivered my FP armour along with 3 other items I've ordered for my Fett suit! I have to say this armour looks incredible. I ran out at lunch and bought a new Dremel in the hopes it would arrive today. I've decided to slack the rest of the day and start trimming the armour here at work. I've had the whole warehouse come into my office to see what the hell I've been up to! :lol:

Great stuff, FP...thanks for including me in this run! :cheers


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Got my Armor on Friday and it is Freaking Fantastic! Just started working on it last night. I need to get in on that ESB gaunt list when that one starts!(y)


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Hi guys and gals !

A small update -

This update doesn't affect this armor run per say, so no worries. But I want to take a moment and post an update as to what's going on for those that may be waiting on a few misc items. I'll post this same update in all of my active threads.

Yesterday was a snow day from hell. I know, that sounds like a contradiction in terms :lol: But you know the old saying ... "When it snows in hell" ? Well since I really hate where I currently live, I consider the saying accurate ... because it did, AGAIN :lol:

As most of you know that have been keeping up, and for those that may not yet .. my little "mountain town" is getting slammed this winter. The worst on record since 1968. And it figures. We haven't had a bad winter since 1995, so I suppose we were due, as it is considered "snow country". Adding insult to injury, we got nearly 2 feet of snow almost overnight, and it shut us down here. I spent the whole day yesterday with snow removal. I had to take off from work to do this. Emergency services shut down, as well as all of the normal stuff, schools, city transit, airports, retail establishments, ect. My main focus was removing the hundreds of pounds of snow from my Mother's covered porches and overhangs, because after 2 months of this every week practically, there has been a rash of "cave-in" incidents around the area. Very dangerous stuff. In fact, we still have the same snow buried under many more feet of compounded snow from other storms, that first came down back in late November :lol: We've also had lines down (power loss) which translates to NO HEAT, no internet (my wife in Indiana has had to "Proxy" for me) as well as cell phone towers and service interruptions. The final "insult" here, is that very soon, we will be literally buried, as there are no contingency plans in place here for "mass" snow removal/relocation. We were caught off guard to say the least. Put simply, we're running out of places to put the snow ! :lol:

The moral to the story is, I was completely unable to get any of the small outstanding orders out to the post yesterday. I wanted to make sure that everyone is informed as to what delays I encounter as I go, if any. This was a really big one folks, and I had no control :lol: But my apologies nevertheless.

The cold is still affecting works as well. There are a few of you that have been waiting for FPH's that may not understand why I can proceed with "another" run of armor, when you are waiting for your pieces, ect. Please understand, fiber glassing is a different process from the armor, that is adversely affected by extreme temperatures and humidity, the forming process for armor - not so much. So for those of you (very few, I think 5) that have been waiting patiently for the "Mid January" expectation, please accept my apologies as well, but again, I simply have no control. I try to set realistic expectations, but there was no way to predict that this would still be going on. If any of you would like to entertain "refunds", please contact me and I will make those arrangements. Otherwise, if you're ok with waiting, that's good too. This is why I've stopped accepting interest with the FPH, a few weeks back, as I didn't want to backlog myself, and keep any more members "waiting" than necessary.

I want to thank everyone for their continued patience and support. Rest assured, things are still moving forward, but very slowly on some fronts.




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Thanks for the heads up FP. Guess I'm gonna have to buy a set of armor while I wait for a helmet.:lol:


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Can you e-mail me about how to go about ordering the Front Armor (ab, L/R chest, neck), shoulder, and Back - I have eveything else.

I sintra I have isn't working.... I would like to buy those parts