FP Armor - Version 3


Just updating to let you know FP that my armor Finally arrived safe and sound (and to the right address :lol: )

Let me echo the comments made by the other proud FP V3 owners by saying this is the best looking armor out there. If any of the members out there who are looking at upgrading there old Armor Do it NOW!!! this stuff ROCKS(y)

Thank FP for putting up with the extra work with the shipping on my armor (y)



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Did you request it in black? Or is that the way it was sent to you?
They were test pulls - I didn't use the white stock for testing the new vac molds ;) (y)

Pen66 - I will be catching up on PM's today. I will get back with you ASAP. Thanks for your patience :)

Wolfie - Got your back. Whatever you need :)

--------------------UPDATE ---------------------
FP V.3 Armor Run # 1 is now officially complete.

All remaining orders have been shipped today as promised (Tuesday 1-22), unless payment has not been received. Page #1 has been updated with the information on tracking in post #1. I would have posted all of this earlier, but I was called away when I got back from the post.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all that participated !!! You've all been extremely kind, and patient. It has been a pleasure. It pleases me even more to hear all of your wonderful comments !!! (y)

Again, THNK YOU guys and gals - YOU are the best :cheers

RUN # 2 interest will begin shortly.



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Mine came today! It is great =D Thank you :) Definitely interested in your gauntlets so will keep an eye out for info!

Mojo Fett

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(Insert 80's 90's rap) I've... got my Butt plate I can't deney...
FP your the guy... when Fett walks in in with an iddy biddy waist, with only a cod piece in it's way...
you get the song... cheers Chris! I've trimmed / primed ready for paint!


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Thanks FP, the armor arrived today!!! I am very impress with the detail you put into the armor, the best I've seen by far none. Ooh fun fun, now to start tweaking my Fett project together.

Whenever you start on a Fett gauntlets run, put me down on the list. I'm good for it.


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Oh Yah!! My armor has arrived (y) Man, FP...you have out done yourself with this set, its one thing to see the armor here in various posts but WHOOOO HAAAA...in hand...its more than I expected ;) With a pair of ESB Gauntlets I will be able to ROCK ON with this stuff, I wanna wait until I have everything before I get started...this way there won't be any breaks and I can motor right on through to the end :lol: Can't wait to see the pics of your *NEW* Gauntlets:love:love:love


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The post office is currently "inspecting" my armour. I hope they hurry up..I want to inspect it myself! :lol:


Can't wait! (y)


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Grrrr! I just read where I wanted in on the second run of rotj, but didn't mention gauntlets. I want gauntlets!!! *pounds airbrush on table*


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Hey guys and gals !

Glad to here that more armor is arriving !

Here is a preliminary list of those that have expressed interest in a 2nd run of V3 armor. I will be starting a new thread shortly for the new run to keep down the clutter. If anyone on this list has changed their mind, just let me know and I will revise as needed. This is just to get an idea of what I need to plan for. You have some time to think about it, as the *New* thread hasn't been posted yet. So start your engines, give it a thought, and let me know if I have it right so far. Anyone else that has interest, now would be the time to express it. A good portion of the members on the list below I have confirmed, but some not. The second run will go uber fast. It's going to have to, as I still have some FPH's to catch up on when we have warmer days, and the gauntlets need to be finished and previewed soon as well. So this will probably be the last chance on this for about a month, as I will need to pause after this fo a little bit to concentrate on gauntlets.

Thanks to EVERYONE !

bobasfett - confirmed
Old_jedi_mind_trick - confirmed
Q99213 - confirmed
Pen66 - confirmed
Gonzo Fett - confirmed
Shabad - confirmed
Acyang - confirmed
Vable Boba - confirmed
CMAnavy - confirmed
MediaGuyPJ - confirmed
shortimer52 - confrmed
loanstar - confirmed
Indy_Solo - confirmed
Cantina_Dude - confirmed
99centTaco - confirmed


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