For those that ordered the Webley stock


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I placed my order the second I saw the post..and guess what..Back Ordered!!! What the #&%$!!!! If anyone ordered one and gets it, let me know how it looks.


Oh, and Fettcicle, if youre not happy with it, Ill gladly take it off your hands:)
There was a previous thread where someone had posted a link for replica webley stocks. They're pretty good, but not dead-on accurate for the no.1 mk.1.
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I had bought one of those stocks because I didn't want to ruin the one I have on my Webley right now, so I bought a substitute in case I had to do any major modifications to it when I converted it.... The wood stock is fine, but the grip isn't. What made the grip so bad is the fact that it was basically cut out and the diamond pattern filed into it. I guess it's better then nothing, but not as accurate as the original.
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ditto what fettcicle said--the brass grip is terrible, doesn't even come with the holes that the real Webley grip does on the backside to fit on the handle. I took my replica stock apart and put the bracket on my Bradley ROTJ rifle, and put the wooden stock on my Hand-Schaub ESB rifle.
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