for the love of God, I can't find paint!


oh my God, I'm going out of my mind... I live in Stockton, Ca and I NEED 2 colors of paint: C&O Enchancment Blue (lower cheeks of helmet) and Catapillar Yellow (shoulder pads and knee pads) and I'll be damned if I can find some where I live...

anyone live in the Sacramento area know where to buy these colors? Or maybe someone knows where I can buy these colors online? May 19th is getting dangerously close and this NEEDS to be done.

Help me dented helm forums, you're my only help...
For catapilar yellow check Automotive stores like autozone/pepboys and the like. for enhancment blue what I did was get a color swatch from a website and mix royal blue with a touch of black/torquise untill I got it close enough.
Are you looking for the upper cheek color for the RotJ paint scheme? I used American Accents 'Antique Blue' with a little black pastel weathering and it came out fine. You can find it at Lowe's or Home Depot. It's a Rustoleum brand paint. Well :confused ...I guess you really can't tell from the picture because of the lighting. But I was using the pics of the RotJ helmet from FettPride's website as a guide and I think I got it pretty close. I'm a 'lazy' painter and will avoid having to mix colors at almost any cost.

Hey fettenvy, find out if any of the stores have it in the bay area and let me know. I go to stockton every other weekend to drop off my daughter. If you can find it in any of the stores down here I can pick it up for you and drop it off to you
thank you very much for the help... I will call up autozone and see if they can help me. I'll give ya'll an update soon.
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