foam, latex, foam rubber... what is the difference?


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I'm curious as to what each of these would be used for. Latex is usually thinner right, its what is commonly used in masks and prostethics (sp?) correct?

So, I guess really the difference between foam and foam rubber. I'd think what I want to used for modeling with is foam rubber, I need something somewhat stiff that can be cut/carved. Almost like the texture of those wedge sponges that come with halloween make-up.

If anyone knows of an online supplier for this stuff as well I'm going to need a few chunks of the stuff.
Burman Industries and Smooth-On, both carry what you're looking for. Monster Makers usually does, but it's frequently out of stock.
I would have to agree with the Smooth - On company. THey are great and have some fantastic products.
Started reading up on the stuff. The kind of stuff i'm looking at making is latex that is foam filled.

I guess I need to just working with it.

Thanks for the tip on smooth-on.
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