Foam board bending technique


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People who are building their suit on the cheap, not just Boba Fett, might need to use some foam board.
Thought I'd throw in my technique for bending it.
Fill your sink with the hottest water your tap can produce and soak your foam board for 5-10 minutes, make sure you mark your lines before the soak, tap dry the board and start bending.
I used scotch tape to keep the desired shape until it dries. I let it set for a few hours, 5-8. And the foam board will hold it's shape with no weak points.
I got the technique from a remote controlled airplane website, and thought I'd share, and this is how I've built my entire suit. Hopefully this will help someone else out with theirs.


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I'm looking into building my first set of armour, on a very limited budget so this may help me out a lot, thanks.


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Is this foam board Foam PVC (aka - sintra)? If so, that's what I make all my armor out of. It's awesome stuff, but if you wanna save yourself some time, cut it to shape, then throw it in the oven on 175 for a min or two till it gets floppy. Then form it on your body, hold for a min, then toss under the cold sink water. I have made about about 15 sets of armor for people, outfitting most of my Mercs clan. If there is any doubts as to how this stuff looks, I made my 501st ESB Boba out of sintra and had no issues getting in. It's light, cheap and easy to work with.


Cantcha get that at Wallymart? Do they have the same stuff or is it more a crafter shop material?


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TAP Plastic

Although shipping might get expensive. Also on Ebay there are vendors who sell Foam PVC a.k.a. sintra. It's usually 1.70-2.50 a square foot. Some places will cut it to size. So if your making fett plates, the chest for example will fit in a one square foot sheet.