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I've gotten a lot of requests for my unfinished Shin Tools. I guess a lot of people want to finish them and paint them the way they like and to have the satisfation of doing it themselves.

So I am going to do a limited run of unfinished tools in time for CIII. These tools are from my own molds and many members here can attest to thier quality. The tools will need some sanding and then painting and weathering. They are cast in a hard casting plastic that is really strong, and best of all there is no metal in them to set off metal detectors.

The sets will run $38.00 for the set of 4 tools shipped in the US (Sonic Beam weapon, Anti-Security Blade, Survival Knife, and Jet pack adjustment Tool).

Cutoff will be April 10th. PM me if interested. PayPal is accepted.

Thanks Guys!!

OK peeps Here are some pics....
This is the set of unfinished tools ($38.00 shipped)


Heres what they will look like after you Sand, paint, and weather them. (As of right now before CIII I cant offer the tools finished, this is just here for an example of how they look finished)




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I have a set of finished ones - awesome tools and 1 of the first pieces I picked up for my Fett Project - well worth the cash

hmmmm...yah, cIII is the cut off date for me...perhaps I might have to do your unfinished option for right now....
Yep those are mine. I cast them from the original Patterson stir stick and squeege. The tool on the right I fabricated from sculpy and other parts to look like the tools in the Visual Dictionary. The Jet Pack adjustment tool is created from a metal rod and more sculpy to loom like the tool in the VD as well.

I'll have those pics of the Unfinished tools today.

just recieved my shin tools from senior flan and I was suprised to see that they were quite large... I wasn't expecting them to be so big, but I'm happy nonetheless! thanks Flan!
No Problem FettEnvy,
Unless you have seen the real deal in person they do look a little large. But I assure you they are cast from the exact props from the movie (Patterson Stir Stick and Patterson Squeege).

Mine had to be modified, especially the Sonic Beam weapon, to fit in my shin pouches. So feel free to chop away at them!!

Thanks again,
Hi Darth Flan, Nice to meet you, would like me to know the price of your shin tools of the finished complete kit (painting) and the cost of ship to Argentina - Buenos Aires and as soon as time you can send me once these paid.
Thank you and I wait their answer!!!
Best bets now are 1) Bobamaker, 2) Evolution Studios on eBay, or 3)Making them yourself from the found parts and/or WOF templates

Good luck!
Thank you Madmartigan and xfetxx, the previous week www.tk409.com was observing, and I found Darth Flan, I wanted to inform me of these and for that reason I sends that mail, thank you again and I prefer to buy the products of Bobamaker, He is really a good person and its works are wonderful!!!

Thank a lot!!!!
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