Boba Fett Shin Tools


New Hunter
I’ve slowly been adding to my Boba Fett collection. Most recently I have been looking for some found parts for his shin tools. I picked up three squeegees and one of the three was the correct variant as explained in Art Andrews detailed thread about the Paterson squeegees.

C98CB603-51FB-432F-B999-2E1122253020.jpeg 57707811-FE62-4F19-8488-07AEC6197CD6.jpeg 3D120645-BD55-4E8B-B814-8E5AC37CA8B5.jpeg

I also picked up two different Paterson Chemical mixers. Like the squeegee, there are variants. I know it’s not visible, but do we know which one was used on the costume? Someone had to have removed the squeegees to know which was correct. Was the same done with the mixer?

C7F058D5-EAD9-42BE-BF87-A27522029C75.jpeg 45C07362-E4E4-4700-B2B4-20A22E50AD71.jpeg

The difference is where the rod connects to paddle/mixer. One has straight sides and one has indents creating a “bubble” at the connection.