Fixing Pitting?

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I have some new castings and it has some pitting on a few pieces. What is the best way to fix this? I have read that Elmers white glue works well... is this true?

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MontgomeryFett, unfortunately, due to the slow deterioration of the molds this is causing some pitting. I've had great results cleaning this section of the rocket lanyard with sanding, primer spray and steel wool alone. No fillers used. The resin is pretty thick on that section of the lanyard so sand away. Hope this helps.

Darth Voorhees

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OMG SR..that whole post had my laughing lol... "cured in Santa boy" lol ...bondo clay party dyin over here lol

Ok... on a serious note, i have built may MOW packs before and whenever they have any of this on em, i just sand em down to smooth it out. No filler needed. Like MOW just posted :)