Custom Mandalorian First Build "The Mando With No Name"


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SO i have finally been able to begin to follow my dream and become a mandalorian
This is gonnna be my first build and your probably wondering why i have the name in the title as "The Mando With No Name"
Well thats because i want to do a Galactic Western Style Mando
Iv worked on a little concept art which took me like an hour and a bunch of colored penics just to kinda show what im going for but if any of yall are familiar with any kinda OLD West outlaw then you would know what im trying to do
Gonna incorporate alot of Dark rawhide leather and tattooine colors and of course a poncho
Im gonna post a picture below of my quick little concept art i did earlier
but if yall have any suggestions please feel free to give some advice!
My armor and bucket are in route but ill still need other things to complete it so if anyone know where i can get some items similar to my concept art the let me know


Also if you know of paint to recommend then please go ahead and list some colors


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What's that around the edge of the visor? Looks like hot glue or something...

Negative it is actual sand, my whole kit has sand weather and so I knew that if I did the sand on my helmet it wouldn't make since for every other edge to be caked with sand and not the visor lip and visor edges so I applied sand around the edges for an addition to my weathering, pictures show no justice


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Not sure if this would work into your plan but maybe instead of doing the traditional vest / flak jacket to mount your armor onto, maybe you can build it onto a leather / fur trimmed vest. Ya know, for Clint.



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I really like your build so far!
I also agree with would be super sick if you did that fur vest idea. If not, you could put fur maybe on the inside of the for arm plate and\or the boots. Just a thought :)
Keep going! Looking forward to more updates!