Finshed and Wheathered Gauntlets

NICE!!!! VERY NICE...........I still LOOOVE that E11 conversion though.........must be the scope blocks ;)
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Looking good :thumsup

Let me make a suggestion on your left gauntlet, specifically the flame thrower. Pardon me if I'm wrong, but it looks as though you used some type of plastic pipe or tubing to make them. Get some plastic spacers, different sizes, and slide them on the shafts. They sell them in Lowes or HD in the "hard to find" specialty parts section near the bolts and screws.

For example, here are mine.

My shafts were made from aluminum rod, with different size pieces of aluinum, copper, and brass tubing. The top jet is the bristle end of a paint brush. The bottom one is from a metal striking tool.

Just an idea, to make them look more accurate.
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Thanks FT.Actually its just a length of aluminum tubing, it was a cheap and simple interpetation.Thats what I want to do, but time is a concern right now.I just needed something there for now.I used nylon spacers for my knee darts.Ill do that in my spare time after halloween.
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They look great man. I know this thread is about your gauntlets, but I just gotta comment on your jet pack. Man that thing looks sweet!!! great looking suit all around;) (y)
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