Finished Painting My Buy'ce!


Finished painting my first Buy'ce...pretty darn pleased with it.

All that is left to do is paint and install the RF which I am waiting on until my hollow RFs arrive as well as my RF circuit board. Pad the inside which I am waiting on until my turn for a full sized interior, get a voice amp which I am waiting on from RomFX....but the painting is done!!! Visor is installed and well, she is troopable and pretty!!! Tomorrow I weather her for dirt and grime etc...also tomorrow the screen for the back vents will be added. Just have to grab some I like from Home Depot!

So first the views of it on its little homemade painting.

The inside is done using the bolt in method.

Then of course the obligatory pics of me with it on. Note the RC Neckseal....a hand me down from her father.
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Oooh. . . a Marrow Sun custom! That is one mean looking helmet.
Nice colors, they work very well!

Blue Sun, eh? Are you Alliance? ;)

Jodo Kast 3

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Just an observation. The helmet looks great, the only thing I would change is to re-paint the eight black stripes on the back of the helmet. To me they look hand painted and un-even. I would say re-mask the back and spray them on...

Just my .02


They are supposed to look hand painted. she adds her killstripes by hand when she adds them, that is the reason they are a) uneven in size since she does each individually and b) irregularly spaced, again because she does hand paint them....

I may remask and repaint them eventually but for now the hand painted look is intentional.
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Awsome, I love it! Awsome shirt too! Although I agree with JK3, I don't personaly like the uneveness,etc. of the back marks. It reminds me of black magic marker or something. :facepalm But as you mentioned above you meant it to look hand painted on, so to her, her own I guess. :p Looks great either way! :cheers


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Well done :) I understand the reasoning behind the stripes.. but I hate to agree I am kind of an even stripes kind of guy as well.

I am happy to see it painted... rather than the dust it was collecting here.


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i woudl think it might look cool if the black areas on teh rear fin were dremeled indents, that woudl rock!

I agree with matt though, im also an even stripe guy....sorta.
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