Finally received my Fett helmet :)


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I finally received my Fett helmet painted by RS. The wait was well worth it. Need to add the visor, hollow range finder (cast in clear resin), earcap and real MQ1 circuitboard. The paint job is fantastic as you can see.

Once I get my armor and gauntlets painted I'll be about 90% complete on my road to ESB! Can't wait to get it all on a mannequin.





I wish there was a seminar on painting Fett helmets because I'd sign up in a heartbeat if I could learn how to do such a good job.


Actually, it looks more like an original MSH to me, but I could be mistaken since they're tricky to tell apart unless side-by-side.
Looks to me like his patience was greatly WORTH it! You just can't beat a RS paintjob! The thing I love best (having seen his work in person) is that it truly has the same "feel" as when I saw the RotJ (yes, I know this one is ESB) at MoM. Lee has an incredible talent for nailing that purposeful "sloppiness" we see on the screen used props. Congrats Kurty. You now have an amazing helmet for display!
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