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I am getting down to the final parts of my helmet and I have a few questions. Do I need to spray some finish (sealer) over my helmet once I am done painting it? How would I put some computer fans in my helmet and what kind?


Jodo Kast 2749

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Go to radio shack and buy the smallest computer fan they have. It should be about the size of a quarter or a silver dollar.

As for a top coat, it's a good sealer but you have to be careful about which one you use. Try it on a test spot first.

Michigan Jaster

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I was able to fit the next size up form the smaller RS fan into my Enigma Helmet and it is so much nicer to have. You can use a 9V battery even though it says it's a 12V fan. I cut out a small slot in my left "ear" and screened it to let some air into the helmet and screwed the fan into place over the newly created vent. the airflow is awesome and it helps keep the visor clear as well.


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i don't think there's any special way to wire it up...but, this is what i did. i got 2 small CPU fans, 2 9v battery connectors, and some 9v batteries. i then just wired it up, and taped them off. i asked a radio shack dude about wiring one up...and he told me to do this. hope this helps.
P.S. wasn't there some thread somewhere around here that some dude wired up a CPU fan, and the wiring was not correct, and it exploded....???? if my wiring sounds the same....PLEASE let me know via PM!!!! :lol:

TK Fett

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As far as wiring it you just need to make sure you place your switch on one side or the other. Like between the two red wires or the two black wires and not one of each or else you will just create an infinate loop that will overheat your battery.