Film Style Jodo Kast Helmet (Pic Extensive)


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Hey guys. It's been a while since I've posted any of my work on TDH, as I've not done much in the realm of Mandalorians in a while. But, some of you have seen my old Fett and Jodo stuff and know who I am.

Anyway... I realize this isn't cannon or Fett, but I thought I'd post it here since my intent was to create a paintjob similar to those seen on the movie helmets, only on a Jodo helmet. I wanted it to look like as if it were painted at the same time the ESB bucket was done.

Most of the colors were custom mixed and the weathering was a combination of liquid mask and topical. The base is a BobaMaker helmet, which I can't say enough about. I love this helmet (partially because it comes ready to roll). Some of the weathering patterns are taken from the comic, but most of it is my own design. I intentionally left off the kill stripes thinking they remain a Fett thing. RF coming soon.

This belongs to my buddy Erik whose revamped suit should be ready for D*con and hopefully will be used in a Twin Engines fan film I've been planning.







And one with no flash to see the change in colors:


that's a great rendition. if you could snag some photos of your friend in full costume (or whatever he has at the moment) and post them that would be cool to see how the whole suit looks

Ha, I wish I could put those shots up. Problem is, the suit is no where near completed. ;) All we really have done is an almost completed helmet (sans rangefinder and finishing touches).

But don't you worry, we'll have pics up as we (ie Blastech) get pieces completed.

And also, thanks for the compliments guys. :) I for one know how hard Blas works and deserves praise.
Thanks everyone! Yeah, I'll post more as I finish (In the Varients forum). I've nearly finished assembling some custom gauntlets and then onto the rest of the armor.
Really nice, I really like the take on it. I haven't seen anyone do one of these like this and it is a really nice change. Great job Jesse.
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