Fibre glassing ?


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Hey everyone :)

I have a Fibre glassing question, I have had to downsize the bottom halves of my gauntlet halves and so cut them in half and sand papered them down a little so that they fit properly to the top halves.
But now it comes to re-joining them I unsure of the best method ?, should I add additional fibre glass or would P38 strong enough ?.

Many thanks



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I had to do the same with mine to make them larger. I rouged up the area with 80 grit paper for good adhesion, temporarily taped the two sections together leaving a small gap & added resin & fiber, making sure I worked into the joint. I further strengthened the new joint by adding a layer of cloth on the inside when it had set up. They are like new & you could never tell they had been modified.

Vince test fit 002 TDH.jpg
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