fibre glass VS. polyester resin


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so other than the price diference, is there an advantage or disavantage to fibre glassing or using polyester resin for the final bucket?:thumbsup:
Fibreglass has more strength, I believe. A resin bucket will break if dropped from any real height, a fibreglass one won't.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but you may be talking about poliurethane resin instead of polierster resin ???

The poliester resin is the one used with the fiberglass...

(I guess I'm not wrong... If I am, please, feel free to correct me)
It very well could be polyurethane vs. fibreglass. This is all relatively new to me. I have only worked in theatrical type paper amche and clothe pieces. But I do have to say the tutorials and discussions in here are great.
Polyester resin is the resin for fiberglassing and polyurethane resin is casting resin. Fiberglass is just the mat or cloth you use for the reinforcing. You can use polyurethane and fiberglass mat or cloth together as well.
To follow-up then, when I am casting my bucket, generally how thick should I make the fiberglass so that it is still strong but not to heavy?
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