Fettology Bucket Build *Pic Heavy*


Hello to all. A while back (around 2009) I purchased all the paints needed to paint up my Boba Fett costume. Flash forward to 2011 and I have still yet to find time/ energy to do so o_O So with some good time off lately I decided to start and I have to say it's been so nice getting to sit down and really focus and have fun.

I bought this BM helmet about a year ago and it's been sitting in my room waiting to be painted. So without further ado here some photos of the final product. I still have a few things left to do. Mainly some ear decals and a green visor. I bought a dark green safety shield a while back and will make a visor template and cut it out later. This visor is just currently taped in.








I am currently working on a few interior things and wanted to share some other things I found better help me with this build. First off while at Hobby Lobby I found these really cool aluminum brackets that were in the jewelry section. They are strong but pliable. My goal is to mount the visor using Chicago screws and use these brackets on the bottom lip of the visor. Here is the link to the ring pieces.

Aluminum Ring Blanks 12mm - Size 7 - 9 | Hobby Lobby | 1606839


I have a few Chicago screws, some rubber washers that are located in the plumbing aisle and some JB Weld Kwik. I have to say I LOVE JB Weld. I trust this stuff with my life. It holds great, has a quick working time (sets up in about 5 mins) and has a quick cure time (around 6-8 hrs). I'm not a fan of epoxy glues. They just always seem so watery and hard to work with. If you prep the surfaces right, this stuff will never come off!!! (y)

Next is the visor I got. It looks like dark black acrylic but is a beautiful dark green. I'm sure most of you have some of these but for those noobs, here it is.


I will be installing a squirrel fan (probably just one but maybe 2) inside. I decided to place it near the ear cap inside so that air will blow over my visor keeping it from fogging up. Nothing worse than trooping with a fogged out visor. lol. I found these fans off amazon for fairly cheep. Hooked it up to battery packs that have on/ off switches and has a quick disconnect in case I need to change out battery packs on the go. I will attach them using the same method as the visor using Chicago screws and rubber/ nylon spacers.




Here is a quick thing I learned the hard way. I use to attach my ear caps with 4 total magnets. 2 on the helmet and 2 on the cap itself. However the problem I've had in the past was getting those 4 magnets to line up perfectly or else they don't "snap" together right. So a solution to my problem was embedding washers into the cap. The magnets adhere to the washers without any problems and the best part is they don't need to be spot on for the to snap and line up.



And lastly for tonight, and this one is so embarrassing, :eek: a photo of my very first bucket I ever bought (when I was 12) to now (29) and the paint comparison. Back then I thought it was pretty good but now looking back its so bad. :lol: I would never get rid of this one and having it the way it has always been is kinda cool in a way. It has a lot of history and character and I think I'll keep it that way.


Thats it for tonight. I'll update when I can. Lots more to go but I'm loving every minute of it. :D


Just an update on my helmet progress. I have almost finished it. Just need to fix/ paint the decals on the ears and she should be ready to go. I will be adding a chin strap inside the helmet and some helmet padding.

The fans have needed a small adjustment. I found out the placement I wanted and noticed the rubber spacers (the same ones I'm using for my visor install) are a tad shorter than I'd like for the air flow so I ran to lowes and got some nylon spacers. These worked great! I wired the fans up to a on off switch and also ran it to a few quick disconnects so when I take my helmet off my wires won't come with it. I also have a few battery packs that I can quickly change out while trooping. How I wired it up are in the photos below. Very basic. Black to black and red to red. But just in case others aren't too sure about it this is what I did.

I then lined my helmet with thin craft foam from my local fabric store. I like this foam cause it's soft and adds a tiny bit of padding. Plus it adheres very well to the barge cement I use to glue it all in. I will end up adding soft foam padding or a head liner. This is simply to black out the interior and make it look clean.

Other than that not much has changed. I did use a Chicago screw on the inside of the helmet for the RF and a shorter screw that way I don't jab my head on a wing nut.













Hi I’m Bobert!
What do you do the inside of the helmet

He used JB weld to glue the Chicago screw female ends into place so items such as the visor, fan, etc can be held into place securely.

Then it looks like some black paint so make it nice and presentable.