Fett ESB "Kill Stripes" size?


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Does anyone have the measurement size (hdt and wdth) for the kill stripes in "inches"? (not centimeters please...I'm old school:confused)
The templates I tried to use print up way to small..

Thx in advance!(y)
The measurements I came up with, scaling off reference pics, were 1" high by 5/16" wide.
Seems to look good on my helmet.


left side 2.JPG
This pdf if printed at 100% works like a champ and is curved to the shape of the helmet.


  • killmarks_w detail.pdf
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Wow, nice templete Evan. Is that the one you used on Sancho's bucket? Might have to use that with the new bucket I got.
Yes, its the one I used on the Sancho... works like a champ and quite accurate in my opinion. I started by adapting the TK409 template and making it match the curve of the helmet. After that I applyed the weathering to my template file so I just had to cut it out once and now I have a template to use on all my helmets. :)

Just cut out the yellow, gently tape it to your helmet ... draw on your stripes using the template lightly with pencil, take your template off, and use masking fluid ot mask off the area around it... I do this becase some times the tape can pull up areas where the tape touches the revealed silver through the paint. Better safe then sorry.

Hope that template serves you well.
One other thing that some folks do who dont have an airbrush but want an even coat for there stripes... use a latex makup sponge and dab on the paint evenly leting it dry between dabs, build it up with 3-4 coats. Looks great and works for the subtle orange gradient on the last 3 squares as well.
evan4218 said:
This pdf if printed at 100% works like a champ and is curved to the shape of the helmet.

Yo Evan! The template is perfect!! This is a major help to me for painting the kill stripes!

Thanks bro!!(y)
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