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Ok guys... here we go. I talked to the boot maker (or rather he left word for me) and he said that EVERY pair of boots would be done and ready for pick up this coming Wednesday!
I guess the lawyer did the trick. Anyhoo, I hope this is a good New Years present for everyone. I'll post again Wednesday.

Here we go, hope you like.


Here's the spikes


The boots are $145, with spikes, shipped, with a set of free jet pack decals. The first price break comes at 50 pairs ordered, then it's $135. The final boot will be canvas, the thread will match colors, and the side gore will match the center piece as close as possible. The sole will be white, for your weathering pleasure.

If paying by Paypal, make sure to include your boot size and screen name in the comments field. My account is: wesclone@aol.com

If paying by money order, EMAIL me at wesclone@aol.com to get my mailing address.

Here's a link to the album that has the pics in it, plus heres one I couldn't get in. There is no sole on the boot, but I think it stil looks good. The boot shown has a wooden form {LASS} in side, Actual boot will look a tiny and I mean tiny bit diffrent in the toe when the toe box is installed.
Fett Boots

<font color="#CC9933">
OK, this is now the "PAID" page. <font color="#FFFF00">

mindphunk - YES 8<font color="#FF0066">SHIPPED
Fettex - YES 8 <font color="#6600FF">PAID

DarthVader1 - 9EEE <font color="#FF0066">SHIPPED
Slowmo - 9 <font color="#6600FF">PAID

mlcallanta - 10 <font color="#FF0066">SHIPPED
Jeezy - 10 <font color="#FF0066">SHIPPED
riedemiller - 0 <font color="#FF0066">SHIPPED
Han Hunter - 10 (UK)<font color="#FF0066">SHIPPED
DarthFett_79 - 10 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Vadersfavorite - 10 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Jango's Kid - 10 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Metalboy - 10 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Sithlord23 - 10 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Malcfett - 10 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Andy R. –non TDH-er 10 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
TK3130 (TK9120) - 10 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
defiler - 10<font color="#6600FF">PAID
Mattrinck - 10,13,13 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Concord Dawn - 10EE <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Jango_Wes (2) - 10 <font color="#6600FF">PAID

tteF aboB - 11 <font color="#FF0066">SHIPPED
LynTXP - 11 <font color="#FF0066">SHIPPED
Crusty Fett - 11(UK)<font color="#6600FF">PAID
aaronfett77 - 11 <font color="#FF0066">SHIPPED
Nightseye - 11 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Geoffett - 11 <font color="#6600FF">PAID

Bobo - 12 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Predatormv - 12 - <font color="#6600FF">PAID
crisfilms - 12E <font color="#6600FF">PAID
TK-Fett - 12 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
mbmcfarland - 12 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
STEMMlin - 12<font color="#6600FF">PAID

Ruffkintoy - 13 - <font color="#6600FF">PAID
TK5501- 13 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Mattrinck - 10,13,13 <font color="#6600FF">PAID
Guys, let's just have our fingers crossed and see how this project goes. I see a lot of people complaining about spending $150 in a pair of boots that people here paid $200 for the MC boots in the past or $90 for a pair of gloves and have no complaints at all, which probably that won't be the actual price, if it's $50...way better!

What I suggest to everyone, just keep saving your hard-earned pennies in a separate account or wallet (just like I do) and have it ready by the time you get to pay for the boots. Like Jango_Wes (or someone else) said before, the more people interested in this project, the cheaper the boots will be (I hope).

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Who's complaining about price? I don't even see one post complaining about $150 for the boots.

DarthVader1 wrote:

I see a lot of people complaining about spending $150 in a pair of boots that people here paid $200 for the MC boots in the past or $90 for a pair of gloves and have no complaints at all, which probably that won't be the actual price, if it's $50...way better!
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:eek: Ooops, sorry, probably I'm under the pills and I'm seeing and reading stuff that doesn't even exist...:wacko BTW, have you seen a little flying pink elephant earlier around? I saw it and now I can't find it! :lol:

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I'm still good for a pair. Price sounds spot on. My only problem is translating US sizes to UK equivalent - if I remember a UK size 10 (my size) equates to a US size 10 1/2 - so looks like size 11 for me then although I would appreciate confirmation from any shoe experts there may be out there. Best news yet since MC cancelled his run. I look forward to seeing what they look like!
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That is great news, has he given an estimate on how much time will it take him to produce each and all of the shoes ordered.
Also, will production start after he has received payment from all of us who have ordered till now?? Or will it be done in batches of 5, 10 etc..??
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Right now, I'm not sure how payment/production will run. More than likely, payment will have to be up front then production will begin. If that's the case, I'll ship shoes as they come in. I get to Tucson about 3 times a month, so shoes will go out in batches.
As far as time lines go, I told him @20 pairs of shoes and a 2 month deadline. He said he could meet that.
Superior... those are his words. Considering his credentials, I'll take him at his word.
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Not to step on anyone's toes or anything (groan!) -- I know we're only at the planning stages -- but I thought it might make Wes's life easier when we get to the ordering stage if we stick to US sizes.

So I did a web search and found this conversion chart:


Hope that helps.

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JeezyCreezy - many thanks for the conversion chart I now know I do need a size 11 so I can cancel the insoles
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Remember guys to read the very first post on this thread for the updated info. According to Jango_Wes, these boots won't be made in half sizes, just in wide or regular sizes. If size is the matter, I suggest to order the boots in your sneakers size and probably a size larger (just in case). Better to fit big than tight. Besides, there is no specific price as of now, until he gets the test boot first and depends on how many people order first in this run. The more people, the cheaper the price for each pair. Just let's see what happens really soon.

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It is canvas that is being used in the prototype, but the final will be a better quality canvas. This is just the prototype. I'm going to get a pair for me and Fett Girl(btw, her suit is finished and I will be posting pics tonite)
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Looking really good Wes!
Things I like:
<font color="#ffffff">* the shape of the toe box
<font color="#ffffff">* colors of the canvas
<font color="#ffffff">* the look of the piping
<font color="#ffffff">* overall shape of the boot

Can I offer a couple suggestions? Please don't let these in ANY WAY diminish the value of your fantastic efforts on this much-appreciated project!

<font color="#ffffff">* if this elastic is the final gray, I'd vote for black (or a charcoal gray). There's virtually no contrast between the elastic and the light gray canvas. See the reference pic I'm thinking of:

<font color="#ffffff">* (this is minor) maybe the stitching should be the same color as the dark gray (instead of the light) so it wouldn't be so obvious on the dark gray section.

Again, you've done awesome with this project - thanks!
- Chris
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Jango_Wes, BTW...how much time or when do you estimate they'll be done, and probably shipped if he does the whole batch of boots? (just an estimate, in your own opinion)

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He said he could finish the run of 30 within 2 months. I'll ship priority mail.
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DUDE!!! Jet Pack decals for $145!!!?!?!? :eek: Sign me up buddy...what a deal! :D

Oh yeah, and the boots are a wicked bonus! :lol:

So seriously, sign me up dude, I'm all over these!

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I'm in. Where do I send the money? Size 11 for me. Strong work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The decals and the boots where the last on my to add to the pile list. Thats excellent.
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