Other Bounty Hunter Female B. Fett vs Rav Bralor

She was my first mandalorian, before that it was Pilot, Jedi, Stormtrooper, and since I have made a custom mando. It was a tad addictive to begin with though Im slowed down now. :-)
The other thing too, which i think is equally important is to actually like the character. Rav Bralor is also know as Vhonte Tervho Vhonte Tervho - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki Well, actually this is where it gets strange. In the books Vhonte and Rav are two different people, though when the Rav action figure was made, it looked like they used Vhonte as the model.

The reference drawings for Vhonte Tervho are draw by Tom Hodges Thomas Hodges - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki He is married to Terri Fontana-Hodges, for whom he named the character Vhonte Tervho (the first visual reference of a female Mandolorian)

So "Rav" was the first. One of the fun things I was able to do when we traveled over to America last year for C6 was to get Terry into my Rav Costume, fitting since the character was arguably named after her

I love this. Thank you so much! I will have to step up my research game!
You could go for your own style. The armor would accent you as a person and make you recognizable without having to take off your bucket
501st doesn't approve customs, but you could be part of the Mandalorian Mercs with it. As for the question at hand, I'd say go Rav.
Got my helmet ^_^

Welcome! There are a few Female Fetts or "Femme Fetts" as we call them around! Lady Fett is one of the more popular ones and has a Facebook page.

There is also a newer Femme Fett in the works and I believe her name is Danabanana and is in the UK.

The maker here known as Fettpride, or FP does make female fett armor and can be reached at Fettpride@fettpride.com. It's certainly not an extremely common costume...

Lady Fett is very helpful! I am... working on it - armour from fettpride as above currently being painted up

As already said, 501st don't accept femme bobas... I am going to see if the uk femtrooper squad will take me when it's all ready :-)

Whoever you pick, prepare to spend lots of money, constantly worry about getting it all right, and weirdly - find yourself emotionally involved. Yes with a costume!
Aicire, my husband and I are in exactly the same boat as you, we would love 501st approved costumes and are just getting started. I'm glad I checked the forums carefully, alot of my questions got answered here...thanks to all and good luck to you Aicire!

(we may end up making 'just for fun' outfits first to learn and experiment)
Just to clarify some above points, Rav Bralor was just in the books, with no description. Likewise Isabet Reau, Dred Priest, and Llats Ward -- all of whom were included in Entertainment Earth's Mandalorian packs (along with Clone Troopers in training and all four members of Omega Squad). EE used Tom Hodges artwork of his wife's persona of Vhonte Tervho to come up with their color scheme for Rav. And his artwork of the wedding of Mirta Gev and Ghes Orade for their Isabet Reau and Dred Priest figures. So it's a matter of which you lend more credence. I tend to favor the artwork's validity over the action figures, as Hasbro and EE have played pretty fast and loose with other things, too. Rav has close-cut salt-and-pepper hair. In the artwork, Vhonte has long, braided honey blond hair. So already their Rav figure is inaccurate to the source. ;) And I personally don't think it's terribly common for non-organizational Mandos (as in, Death Watch or Protectors) to show up sporting the same colors in the same scheme as someone else.

I don't get too grumbly with April, up there, over her kit because it's gorgeous and she was working to recreate the figure and loves Rav, and I can't fault her for either. I just bite my lip and don't rant about it, because neither has been shown in a movie or an episode of the Clone Wars, so neither viewpoint is entirely disprovable. *heh*

As for Bo-Katan, what references are you looking for? She was shown in an episode of the Clone Wars, so that's all the reference one needs for something to be "valid" in the eyes of the 501st. And there are full 360-degree views of the character available to see what's what, and I can point to several vendors who make the helmet, armor, gauntlets, etc...

As for female Boba Fett costumes... That was explicitly called out as the uniform of th eMandalorian Protectors during the Clone Wars. Spar, Fenn Shysa, Tobbi Dala, and Boba Fett all wore it, and there were over 200 others who fought in the Wars, as well as others who only joined up after the Wars were over (like Boba), or also when Shysa reformed the Protectors after the Empire fell. You'd do the green-and-yellow color scheme, but ditch or alter the Boba-specific features into a "custom" Protector. Even if you couldn't get into the 501st with it, there's a section within the Mandalorian Mercs specifically for Protectors -- canon and custom.

So you've got options. ;)

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