Farpoint Con Pix! AND Dedication

I just love Zam getting frisky with the Predator. No wonder Vader was choking him later on. ;) :lol:

Very cool pix both of you.
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Yeh- He taught me a huge lesson not to fool around with predators! :lol: On our skit, he cut my hand and gaunt in half with his saber! It broke in two and landed on the floor, he wacked it so hard :lol: JB Weld is now my new friend. Hee hee.
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Looks like you all had a great time... thanks for sharing the pics!

One question... Which was better - the chocolate cake or chasing after a "dreamy" Vader? :D :D
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Man! You always come up with the toughest questions! LOL but the reality of the situation was that it was Valentines, and welp, the Vader actually wooed me with the chocolate cake :D (Anakin was always chasing after Zam, you should know that!)
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Zam I Am wrote:

it was Valentines, and welp, the Vader actually wooed me with the chocolate cake :D

Well... it don't get any better than that... IMHO! :D :D Best of both world's in a manner of speaking! :D
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Yeah, Talking about cons, I just want to see the day that ALL us zammers get together. Do you think that it will only be at CIII?
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I'll be at D*C 2004 and SWCIII for sure! I may have only half a Zam... but I'll be there! :D

I think SWCIII will probably be the last - best chance for all the Zammers to get together. There won't be another convention like it... ever! :(
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Dedication to all the Zammers I love...

This particular medal is dedicated to all the Zammers that have worked so entirely hard on this costume and deliberating with me about what "looks" right. Without all the help, and critiques, the motivation, and upfront pm's that have made me strive for the best, this costume and medal from Farpoint's Costume masquerade/contest wouldn't have been possible. :lol: some of them critiques were hard to satisfy, but, we all did it! We all have created a wonderful costume that has taken teamwork to do.

It reads: Best Re-Creation Workmanship Farpoint 2004 Feb 14,2004.
I know I know, this is just the beginning, really. Cause we are furiously working to help all of you get your suits done. But, this totally is a Zam forum TDH milestone! Congratulations :cheers to everyone's sense of teamwork that won this medal. Hopefully, we will take C3 by storm!
That is really.. really cool Zam I Am! Congratulations! You've put so much work into this project (for all of us!) It couldn't have gone to a better Zammer! :D

Swarms of Zammers at CIII eh? Sounds like fun! :D :D

One question though... exactly how many Zammers constitutes a "swarm" ?
swarm swarm swarm... woohoo! weather's gettin better! That means the busy bees are gonna git back to work! :lol: they called me the "leathermaster" at Farpoint for my other workmanship medal... Hehe, now I can crack my proverbial whip... ;)
Thanks for viewing :D Yeah, That's jangosteve sportin' his predator. He won 1st place methinks. I LOVED his lazer pointer, that's what us zammers should put into the scope mount of any future rifles :D
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