ESB vs ROTJ chest displays?


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Lately, there have been new chest displays coming up, and I've seen people refer to ESB and ROTJ displays. The latest one mentions making it selectable between the two. This is an option with my circuit, and always has been ... but from the information I've been given by our resident experts, there was never a need to change them. So my question is, "what's the difference"?

When the FettLights were designed almost 3 years ago, I had the help of some of our very knowledgeable members, who watched footage in slow motion numerous times to get the "correct" display sequence as they saw it. The question has popped up from time-to-time, about which sequence is correct for which movie, and I still see members saying that to their knowledge, there wasn't a "new" set of lights designed for ROTJ ... I've heard that they used the same set of lights and/or no lights at all.

So, I'm just posing this out to the group. Since there are new light products coming out with selectable displays, what are they selectable to, and are these agreed upon as "correct" for each movie version, or just an opinion?



P.S. I'm not trying to "stir the pot" so to speak. I'm just curious if we can all agree that there WERE different version for each film, and if so, what are the actual sequences? If the group decision is that there is no difference,then I'd like to have THAT settled (to answer the questions I've had from buyers, as well as to not have that statement mislead new members).
there are thiferences
i don remembre wich secuence is for what movie, but here ya go
lets start with the top leds
one goes in one way, right to left, and the other had a "random" turn on/off
and for the numers part
one shows numbers and the other not, some like this
|_ _| |_
_||_ |

hope you get :)
sorry if im wrong
but we can wait to the dvd release and see frame by with more quality all these small details ;)
I know there are at least 3 different people offering the lights now. I would also be interested in seeing the difference between the 2 alleged 2 versions (ESB VS ROTJ)
This is a cut paste from a post I made in the other chest light thread:

The ROTJ suit most certainly has the same LED's in the chest. I have one or two behind the scenes shots that show the LED's lit. However, I do not believe the LED's ever appear lit in the film.

Also, aside from the LED's in ESB and behind the scenes in Jedi, I don't believe we ever see any other set lit or well enough to discern if the characters are the same as the ESB.

I haven't seen any reference, aside from the the one or two stills that show the display lit on the Jedi suit, to even begin to create a different set. Heck, even the ESB display is an educated guess by some pretty sharp researchers, because they simply did not have enough clear reference.

In short, and unless someone has seen evidence otherwise, there is no way to compare and differentiate the characters/sequence of the ESB chest display to the ROTJ display. At the moment, we'll just have to assume they are the same until there is evidence to the contrary.
I agree. See,the closest thing Ihave to "proff" was back when I first designed my lights ...I met Don Bies at a convention, and showed them to him. He seemed pretty impressed,but couldn'tanswer whether or not they were "accurate" (of course, I didn't expect him to remember for sure).

Most of y'all know this, I'm sure,but Don not only played Boba Fett in the SE versions of the movies ... he also headed up the display pieces (I believe at Skywalker Ranch). The only thing I held on to from that conversation, with regards to the lights, is that he agreed ... no point in re-designing the lights from one film to the other, especially with such little screen time.

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